The Zerg are one of the three dominant races of the Koprulu Sector originating from planet Zerus.

As the end of Kerrigan's infection, it was revealed that Zerg was turned back into their original and primitive form; the Primal Zerg because of Xel'naga alters the race.


  • High numbers, weak units
  • Second race altered by the Xel'Naga (Canon only)
  • True race before altered by the Xel'Naga (Non-Canon).
  • Physically superior than the Terrans
  • Cheapest to build
  • Slight psionic sensitivity
  • Victors of the Brood War (currently rebuilding after invasion of Char)
  • Purity of Essence
  • Tactics and Strategies: Ambush/Swarm and Sacrifice
  • Signature abilities: Burrow and slow regeneration
  • Construction Colors: Red (flesh) and Brown (carapaces)
  • Technology Rating: Level Zero, but have achieved space travel
  • Psionics Rating: Level One for lower strains, Level Three for higher strains

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