Xel'kraeas was a Protoss Zealot which participated in many events in Aiur and other places.

Act IEdit



Xel'kraeas first action was with the executor reclaiming the outpost that Praetor Felix was holding. On the way, he slew a Hydralisk. He then found his way to the outpost with the others. He was then the head Zealot on the assault of the Zerg base. He himself cut open the Hatchery and it splattered on the overlords and the Zerg in the area was then neutralized by the lack of command.


He was then sent to the fallen state and he piloted a scout craft and directly destroyed a sunken colony and a spore colony then destroyed his craft. He later destroyed the last spawning colony stopping a horde of Zerg hatchlings. He was to late to save Fenix after the battle was won.

Sector XEdit


He was then with a scouting team of Protoss which its Scarab was destroyed by Terran forces. Later the force destroyed the entire Terran camp with its Dragoons.

Xel'kraeas on a Carrier before the combat on the planet.


He then was promoted by Tassadar as to a lieutenant. He was then encouraged on the space platform where he and the executor and Aldaris to join the Dark Templar. He then cut a swathe through the countless Zerg and even slew an Ultralisk on the way back to the shuttle.


He was then due to combat on the carrier the Gantrithor and lead a band of Dragoons against a Ultralisk legion and succeeded and then slew all the overlords and then the Zerg queens stopping the combat. Tassadar then used his Psi Storm ability to slay the 10,00 Zerg.


The ship docked at Protoss Dock X1 and Tassadar along with Xel'kraeas and Jim Raynor escaped with a handful of Zealots at his side. The group stole not only two shuttles, but the Gantrithor as well. They killed no Protoss, but ten Zerg Hydralisks and a hundred Zerglings as well.


Aiur IIEdit


Tassadar and a large Protoss fleet returned to Aiur, the Protoss Dark Templar and the Zealots of Xel fought the Protoss Khali loyalists in a hellish battle which resulted in Tassadar surrendering but Xel still fought and killed five Templar.