The X-76 Thermonuclear device, or thermos, is a "low-yield" fusion bomb.

With variable settings, it can level a heavily armored building or create a crater with a quarter mile wide radius. A foot in length, these nukes are smaller versions of thermonuclear charges used to destroy medium to massive sized vessels. Thermoses can be detonated by remote at a maximum distance of 2 miles.

Because of its light weight and size, X-76s can be fitted into rocket lauchers and fired at large clusters of enemy infantry or buildings (Starship Troopers: Tactical Oxygen Nuke). In extreme cases, the devices are small enough to be equipped to small fighters and/or transports when pinpoint targeting is impossible (Stargate - Atlantis: Battle of Atlantis).


  • Causes great damage to structures
  • Leaves no background radiation
  • Protable and equipable to most Terran aerospace crafts


  • Blast area is large enough to take out users if detonating manually
  • Failsafes prevent explosion if device is damaged enough