Wraiths are Terran star fighters used to engage or escort larger capital ships to and from battles.

During the Great and Brood Wars, they proved vital in early reconnaissance missions through the use of cloaking devices before enemy forces could develop and field detectors. While suited best for anti-air combat, Wraiths used burst laser arrays to strafe enemy ground targets.

More recently, they have been phased out in favor of the more versatile Viking in anti-air and Banshee in bombing roles. There are some mercenary and civilian militias still using Wraiths due to the relative ease of maintenance and cost. Some customize their fighters with more up to date technology whenever possible.

Special abilities:

  • Cloaking Field - unit can cloak. It can still attack while cloaked

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Homing Missiles - air attack increases in range by +2 and damage by +10
  • Gatling Laser - ground attack increases in firing rate by 250% and damage by +5
  • Tomahawk Power Cells - unit starts with +100 energy
  • Displacement Field - unit dodges 20% of attacks while cloaked


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