The Weaver is a Zerg variant of the Scourge strain.

Instead of a kamikaze specialist, this strain is geared toward more versatile use in air superiority. Replacing the explosive sacks are glands similar to Defilers which can create complex substances to make attack, support, and defend whatever they chose.

First of their new abilities is an type of ball that explodes into a net to cocoon whatever it traps inside. If the target is an air unit, it will fall to the ground damaging it and making it vulnerable to attack (Warcraft 3: Crypt Fiend). This can be devastating to large vessels. Smaller targets such as fighters may survive and can even be infested if given enough time.

Another type of ability preformed by Weavers is a group formation known as an Umbrella Cooperation. This formation constructs a web encompassing large groups of either allies, enemies, or both (Star Trek - TOS: Tholian web). Infestation and creep sacs are added to the outside to heal allies while infesting enemies. Due to the extreme threat of losing forces to the web, enemy factions often opt to destroy it with near nuclear force.

In defensive roles, Weavers can create a type of Ablative garment to add to ally units personal defense like a bulletproof jacket. Depending on the needs, the garment can block out radiation, bullets, chemicals and some psionic energy.

While all these qualities increase Weaver use in air combat, they are still vulnerable as any from the Scourge strain. To mitigate this flaw, the strain mutated to be more psionically sensitive to combine with its extreme reflexes to avoid enemy attacks. This mutation makes the strain one of the most irritating to face in air combat unless using specialized weaponry.

Special abilities:

  • Cocoon - target air unit is cocooned in a +3 armored casing and falls down to the ground. Unit is treated as ground unit and losses 60% health. If unit is still functioning for 60 seconds, it becomes infested
  • Umbrella Cooperation - creates a web that encompasses a large area. Friendly units within gain +250% health regeneration while enemies take +30 damage and become infested if destroyed
  • Ablative Sweater - target friendly unit gains +40 armor coat and increased resistance to random types of damage. Sweater decorations are also completely random
  • Evasion (passive) - Weaver can avoid 75% damage from enemy attacks. Does not work against wide area attacks like Psionic Storm