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The Protoss Warp Prism is a flying robotic machine designed to transport troops and strengthen the psionic matrix.

The Warp Prism is an automated vessel, controlled by a robotic mind whose programming is built into the molecules of an advanced crystal lattice. This "crystal computer" is able to manipulate matter and energy with great precision.

The Protoss use Warp Prisms in several ways. The primary function of a Warp Prism is to transport Protoss forces on the battlefield. Living and inorganic subjects are transformed into energy, and their unique signature imprinted into the Prism's crystal lattice core. On reaching the desired destination the operation is reversed and the stored energy signatures are reconfigured into matter in proximity to the Warp Prism. A secondary but no less vital function of the Warp Prism is to act as a mobile focus for the Protoss psionic matrix. Once the Prism is deployed it can power protoss structures around it. In this configuration Warp Prisms can be used to temporarily replace destroyed Pylons in a colony or enable the rapid establishment of a forward base of operations.

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