The Third Spacers are a terrorist organization that raids ships of any races and sabotage outposts. Their units are scraps putted together and with Protoss/Terran technology.
   They are the construction vehicles that looks like spiders. They used Protoss warp rifts to transport building parts and use their mechanical arms to put the parts together. Their front two pairs of legs can become psi blade hybrids that slice through anything that is known  and gathers minerals. 
   They also have a auto cannon turret and a rocket turret on the back of the vehicle to defend them selves. Also, they can load 12 infantry units in order to defend them selves. 
   Talon troopers 
    The Talon troopers are equipped with a energy staff that shoot bolts of energy that can paralyze and damage infantries, in addition, they have a tool box that enables them to repair mechanical units and buildings.
    While the Talon Troopers are shooting enemies over distance, they charge in welding single psi blade hybrids. Their weapons can use normal slice and dice plus freeze ability which will frozen units for 60 seconds. they also have a ranged attack which launches a blast of energy that causes storms.
    Except single blades, they can use dual blades