A Thermal rod is a type of multi-purpose tool used by terrans in construction and asteroid mining.

Basically an advanced/compact plasma torch, thermal rods are used to cut through metal sheets, bars and doors depending on the situation. The rods can also be used as emergency flares in certain situations such as being lost in outer space. Each rod can last for 8-10 minutes (20-30 on emergency flare setting). Countless space miners have been rescued through the use of these rods. Because of this, all mining corporations make it standard for SCVs to have at least 3 thermal rods to complement their fusion cutters.

During the Guild Wars, many fringe world miners had to ward off pirates with what they had on hand and thermal rods proved to be effective in cutting through light armor. Thermal rods had the secondary use of drawing off Spider Mines equipped with heat-seeking radar.

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