The Terrans are one of the three dominant races in the Koprulu Sector originating from planet Earth, or Terra.

Simply put they are far more advanced than they once were and their primary Starfleet is controlled by the Terra Firma Protectorate. The white house is no longer in Washington, D.C., Now it orbits earth as an artificial White Moon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Average strength and cost
  • NO advantages or disadvantages
  • Emphasis placed on ranged combat
  • Limited psionics
  • Limited influence by Xel'Naga (mostly through artifacts)
  • Tactics and Strategies: Mobility and Adaption
  • Signature abilities: Healing/Repair and Vehicle Transformation
  • Construction Colors: Light and Dark Grey/Black
  • Technology Rating: Level Three, possibly 3.5 with energy weapons
  • Psionics Rating: Level Two on average, possibly Level Three

For more detailed information see Terrans on parent site.

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