Tarsonis was the capital world of the Terran Confederacy. It became the intellectual and political center of the Koprulu Sector.

A temperate planet with a core continent and 27 hour day, Tarsonis residents were occasionally afflicted by powerful solar flares.

Before the rise of the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk had setup Psi-emitters on the planet to attract the Zerg into invading the populous. When it was over, the Confederacy fell leaving the Sons of Korhal to fill the power vacuum.

Despite the destruction, there are still caches of hidden technologies and research on the planet. Though Dominion salvage teams striped down most of whatever could be valuable, treasure hunters frequent deserted areas in the hopes of getting lucky.

Confederacy SecretsEdit

  • Psi-emitter schematics
  • Psi disruptor schematics
  • Damaged adjutants
  • Experimental vehicles
    • Diamondbacks
    • Nomads
    • Laser Tanks
  • Experimental weapons
    • Laser rifles
    • Personal shields
    • Antimatter grenades
  • Experimental technology


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