Swarmlings are a specialized strain of Zergling evolved by the Scylla Brood. The Swarmling is one meter tall and possesses leathery wings that render it capable of space flight. Swarmlings are highly adaptable and evolutionary creatures, and are extraordinarily fast. Swarmling eyes tend to range from a bright, almost cosmic green, to a searing white.

Swarmlings' ability to fly at high speeds make them effective base raiders, travelling an exceedingly long distance away from a Hive Cluster to rain down death upon an unsuspecting enemy outpost before speeding back to safety.

Swarmlings may continue to evolve after their initial form, possessing the ability to metamorphose into Swarm Creepers. They do this by entering a brief chrysalis phase before emerging in their new form. This evolution was controlled by the Naiad Queen breed.

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