The Succubus is a specialized infested Terran female strain created to be the elite stealth spies of the Succubus Brood.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Succubi possess many terrifying powers, among these is their ability to psychically dominate a single subject, forcing it to obey her will and by extension, the will of Lilith. Using this ability requires intense focus however, and the Succubus must remain stationary while doing so.

Another ability utilized by Succubi is a psionic negativity field that works similarly to that of the Protoss Luminary, although it disables units in the area by slowing their movement. This negativity field also serves the purposes of the Succubus by draining the energy out of all units caught in the area of effect for the duration of the field, disabling mechanical units. When the field subsides the energy is then absorbed into the Succubi and all units surrounding her in the form of health.

Known Succubi[edit | edit source]

Eschueta the Wicked

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