Stitched Terran is a Zerg unit type created by merging Terran infantry's corpse together by Zerg biological tissues to form abominables using types Terran weapons at once. This maniac idea was formed by The Queen of Blades. There are currently 2 types of Stitched Terrans that had been discovered, But the Terran scientist predicts that the Swarm can easily create more Terran crossovers with more combinations sooner than everyone can think.

Here are the discovered types of Stitched Terrans:

  • Quad-Destroyer The Quad-Destroyer is formed by merging an Infested Marine with 2 additional arms, one from the Marauder, one from a Firebat, and also carried a medic healing tech. These properties make the Quad-Destroyer pack up with 3 devastating weapons including a Marine machine gun, a Concussive shells launcher and a Flamethrower, and also has a very fast regeneration rate.
  • Shadow it is an Infested Terran Ghost merged with Reaper's Jet packs. The Shadow also has permanent invisibily like the Protoss Dark Templar because the Zerg tissues hacked the Ghost's cloaking system to create a permanent cloak field. Combined with the Jump packs, Shadows are very excellent scouts. It can also use EMP shockwave and Snipe, but is not available for aiming Nuclear missiles, Though.