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StarCraft: Imperium is a series in development by Thedarkarcon47 and Toa_Kaita.

The Story Edit

Imperium takes place in the year 2606 and revolves around Imperium Admiral Admral Winchill. The organization Winchill works for, the Imperium of Intergalactic Systems, has been fighting a war with the Protoss after a disasterous first contact. As the story continues, Winchill gains new allies, such as Magma.

Winchill and the Imperium also receive the aid of Quastron, a Dark Templar, and several of his own followers. Quastron reveals the the one leading the war against the Imperium is a High Templar named Mirozel, who sees humanity as "inferior" and "but a thorn in the side of the galaxy." Ironically, Mirozel receives the aid of a Terran named Nathaniel Borne.

As the war continues, the Imperium begins to fall apart. They simply do not have the resources to keep up the good fight. Can Winchill and his allies hope to beat such a powerful race? Stop reading this article and find out on!

Intro Edit

The war is explained, and Winchill's exciting journey begins.

Episode 1 Edit

Winchill's starship is attacked by Nathan Borne and crashlands on Altair VII.

Episode 2 Edit

Winchill is captured and taken to Xenon, the prison planet. He meets Magma, who he works with to escape.

Episode 3 Edit

Coming soon