The Siege Tank is a Terran military vehicle used for armored and long range artillery support.

It is known for their heavy firepower, endurance, and ability to transform from tank to artillery platform. The Siege Tank's few weaknesses are its lack of an air attack and its inability to move in siege mode. Due to its indispensable military value, all Terran factions use at least one variant of the vehicle in their armed forces.

Some paramilitary forces refit the tank's main cannon with non-standard equipment for more specialized roles. These refits include: mining lasers, missile pods, and autocannons. The more unorthodox mercenary groups try to customize the arsenal of their tanks to distinguish themselves from other gangs.

Special abilities:

  • Tank/Siege Mode - unit transforms from tank to artillery platform and back

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Weapons Refit: unit uses a different weapon depending on what is equipped
    • Laser Drill - unit attacks with pulse lasers in tank mode and a continuous beam in siege mode
    • Missile Pod - unit attacks with four guided missiles in tank mode and a barrage of rockets in siege mode. Only attacks air targets in siege mode
    • Autocannon - unit attacks with rapid fire attack in tank mode and magnetically accelerated slug for long range strikes in siege mode
    • Flamethrower - unit attack with a single stream of flames in tank mode and multiple streams around itself in siege mode
    • Bulldozer blade - unit can deals great damage against destructible rocks in tank mode and damage structures with a grinding blade in siege mode (Warcraft III: Siege Engine)


  • For more information see Siege tank on the parent site.