The Sentinel is evolved from the Anomalisk and thought to be based on the core genus of the Quintanis of Canes Venatei.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Their bodies are made up of a total of five individual sections. The front section consists of the head and multiple appendages, maintaining the general appearance of the original crab-like Guardian. There are three middle sections similar to the three rib-like claws that appear on the midsection of the Anomalisk. Lastly a tail section which has four small spikes pointing backwards like those at the end of the Anomalisk's tail. They move with a breaststroke-like swimming motion through the air.

It possesses a thicker carapace than its counterpart and attacks by lobbing volatile glaive spores. The Sentinel is much slower than the Anomalisk however, and is often regulated to guard Larvae. The Sentinel functions much like the original Guardian as a siege unit, possessing a long range attack, however, the Sentinel can attack targets both terrestrial and aerial.

Sentinels are much larger than their original counterparts, being only slightly smaller than a Battlecruiser. They appear to be similar to the original Guardians, though with a segmented insectoid tail.

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