Scythe-class fleet bomber
Scythe-class fleet bomber
Production information

Dylarian Heavy Industries


SRKE-1 Scythe-class fleet bomber


Heavy Fleet Bomber (FB)

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Triple-nozzled ion efflux drive (1)

Power plant

Deuterium fusion reactor

  • Laser cannons (4)
  • Gemini missiles (10)
  • Heavy proton bombs (2)

1 pilot

  • Heavy bomber
  • Anti-capital ship

Terran Dominion


The Scythe-class fleet bomber was a multirole heavy fleet bomber utilized by the Terran Dominion and its successor, the Terran Republic.

Originally conceptualized as a bomber with anti-capital ship capabilities, the Terran Dominion Engineering Corps looked to install anti-capital ship armaments aboard the fleet bomber, granting it a single heavy proton bomb and two missile assemblies containing a dozen AIM-22 Gemini missiles; a heavy knockout punch capable of dealing substantial damage to any light capital ship. It was also given four light laser cannons for point defense.

Although its armament was exceptional, a significant upgrade over the Valkyrie-class bomber, it was sluggish, easily outraced even by the Zerg Devourer bomber-analog. It possessed the approximately same manueverability as the Valkyrie-class bomber. Because of its limited manueverability, its fixed-position laser cannons were difficult to use, but its missile magazine could easily decimate enemy fighters before they got into glaive wurm, burst laser, or photon cannon range. However, its heavy proton bombs were not useable against fighters, but were lethally effective versus enemy capital ships. A cluster of direct hits could knock out a medium-tonnage capital ship from the battle. However, its usefulness was limited, as the fleet bombers needed to evade enemy capital ship fire. This was achieved by escorting Scythe-class bombers with Wraith fighters.

It did not mount an interstellar warp drive, and its overstressed deuterium fusion reactor could not power a cloaking device, even with upgrades to the fusion mechanism.

The first experimental group of Scythe-class fleet bombers were the three dozen bombers of Havoc Group, commanded by Wing Commander Charles Rath on the Mengsk-class fleet carrier Monarch.

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