Savraj Crystal

Savraj is a powerful Khaydarin Crystal. It is dark blue in color with tinges of purple and possesses the energies of the Khala and the Dark Templar. It is a sister of sorts to the Alliram and Talram crystals.


Creation and DifferentiationEdit

The Savraj crystal is one of three shards of a monolithic Khaydarin Crystal, created by Darr on Shakuras and entrusted to the Savriel Tribe. Originally similar to its counterparts Talram and Alliram, their respective enviroments caused the three shards to distinguish themselves from each other. Over time, it diverged from its origional pure energy form, reflecting the energies of the Khala and the Void alike. The Savraj remained with the Savriel Tribe until it's energies had fully developed, after which it was taken and duplicated by Darr.

The Savraj on ShakurasEdit

Having a vision of the difficulties that the Protoss race would encounter due to the impending Zerg threat, Prelate Darr, sought to once again reclaim the Khalis and it's sister, the Uraj, and fuse their energies into an almighty weapon of twilight. After the ensuing events of the Brood Wars and the reclaiming of the two crystals, Darr found himself carried away in a vision of the Khala to an underground Xel'Naga chamber beneath the research city of Vael'Rae. Something was calling him, and he answered.

Once inside the ancient passage, he wandered through many winding paths, guided by somthing inside him. He at last came to a large antechamber with vines lining the walls, and in the center, a magnificent Khaydarin Crystal shone brightly in the dark corridors of the Xel'Naga structure. Darr approached the ancient artifact, and attained 3 seperate shards of the monolithic crystal, which he named Alliram, Talram, and Savraj. Darr gave strict orders of what to do with the artifact-crystal: place it within a sealed chamber with the Khalis and Uraj sister crystals, and leave it there, returning only to monitor progress. Darr's prediction was that the crystal would begin to take on the characteristics of both crystals.

The Crystal took on an astral bluish-purple color and eminated the energies of the holy Khala and the cold Void. Upon it's energies' perfection, Darr reclaimed it from the Savriel Tribe and began to organize his followers into a new Templar caste which he termed the Savrai Caste. Upon the creation of the new religious movement, he declared:

"This day are two worlds made as one. The gathering of the tribes of the First Born has come to pass, but the union of light and dark has only just begun. Here have Aiur's progeny come to rest, and the prophecy is fulfilled: 'Dark shall be made a sanctuary to light.' At all times shall we labor together. in all things shall we be as one. In all places shall we overcome. In the light of the sun, we see as one. In the light of the stars we reflect within and see ourselves, but are not the sun and the stars one in the same? From the holy Khala are our wills alligned, from the Void are our identities revealed, but are these conflicting paths? Light comes to darkness, darkness comes to light. Through twilight we are bound. Behold the ultimatum of two worlds forever united in glory, the true path to healing, Savra!"