The Phage beetle is a Zerg strain specializing in ranged siege attacks.

Nearly the size of an Ultralisk, it can pulverize most ground infantry and vehicles by stomping them to the ground. This is only used as an emergency weapon. Its preferred weapon is the Bile Sphere. By excreting a semi-stable organic explosive similar to banelings, a Phage beetle can form an explosive sphere that demolishes nearly anything in its path (Ben 10 - Omniverse: Ball Weevil). This allows them to tear apart enemy bases and remove possible choke points.

Using genes from the Defiler strain, Phage beetles can adjust the chemicals used to form different types of Bile Spheres. One can integrate allied ground forces without damaging them on impact. This allows them to crash into the heart of enemy bases destroying everything nearby before the ground units inside can finish off what is left. Another can be formulated to disable buildings and taint resource nodes crippling enemy production speed.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows underground to hide from enemy forces, but cannot move nor attack anything. Can be seen by detectors and be affected by certain abilities and weapons
  • Bile Sphere - creates an explosive sphere that deals 200 (+30 for any ground unit caught inside) explosive splash damage. Friendly units are only damaged by -5 if inside sphere
  • Viro Sphere - sphere temporarily taints resource nodes and disable structures