It also doubles as Industrial strength glue.

Nutripaste is a type of foodstuff composed of various natural and/or artificial compounds formulated for Terran consumption.

Used in prolonged space voyagers, Nutripaste is filled with most of the essential nutrients an average adult terran needs for one day. The paste looks blue-black and has little to no flavor to most people. It was all the first terrans in Koprulu ate until the livestock that came with them grew to sustainable levels. Early settlers supplemented the rations once they got more familiar with the native flora and fauna.

Due to its versatile form, the paste can be shaped into bars, bricks, and/or cubes for easier transport and prolonged storage. The paste can also have several supplements added to boost immune systems of whoever is willing enough to eat them (Firefly: Serenity; Star Wars: Ration cube).

Nutripaste is currently used by Colonial Militia for emergency rations and relief efforts during crises. Many marines want to shoot the guy who came up with the stuff. Most prisons also use it as a cheap way to feed prisoners.