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A Neural interface is a type of technology used to control other devices via brain impulses and/or psionic energy.

It is used by many high tech races where near instantaneous commands would be effective. Most developers employ it in starship piloting and computers. Some of the more advanced races have a neural interface that appears as if it can read the mind of users.

Terran research into this technology has been slow as Khaydarin crystals are hard to come by even with the black market. Scientist have proposed to use Jorium in the use of such devices, but the rarity and universal ban on its use have made it difficult to obtain.

Protoss use neural interfaces extensively throughout their technology. From construction to starship piloting, users command machines as if an extension of themselves. Even civilians utilize neural interfaces for more mundane purposes such as long range communication or entertainment.

Zerg forces have biological versions of a neural interface to enhance control of certain strains. Some of the smarter strains can even use alien neural interfaces if the genome has been assimilated. Because of this, many terran and protoss scientist are researching ways to prevent their more sensitive equipment from being compromised.