The Mutalisk is the Zerg's primary aerial fighter.

It is unknown, at least by Terran science, how this strain can fly in air and space. What is known is that the Mutalisk attacks with a smaller organism called glaive worms and had two transition forms during the Brood War to specialize in diffent areas of combat. For ground assults they morphed into Guardians. To handle air support, they morphed into Devourers. Post-Brood War, the Mutalisk strain no longer transforms, but remains as the Zerg's aerial infantry in every spaceborne engagement.

As one of the best flyers of the Zerg species, genetic engineers of various factions splice their DNA into other strains for bioweapon breeds such as Vandals.

Special abilties:

  • Guardian Morph - unit morphs into a Guardian
  • Devourer Morph - unit morphs into a Devourer

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • For more information see Mutalisk on the parent site
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