The Monitor is a variant of the Overseer used to enhance bases.

While retaining its detection abilities, this strain is capable of controlling creep and redirecting resources to the point of accelerating healing in structures. This is great for preventing sieges and losing valuable defenses. If paired with a Viper, the combination can yield nearly limitless havoc in battle as friendly structures can heal faster after being drained.

Monitors can also alter the genetic codes of eggs still in evolution. By using their links to the larvae, eggs can be customized with altered strength, speed, endurance, and abilities. Common strains can find themselves with new ablities like flight or attacks while burrowed. This does come at the cost of more resources, but depending on the results customization may be worth the price.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - reveals cloaked and burrowed units
  • Bio-infusion - increases rate of friendly biological building healing by +500%
  • Resquence - target egg or cocoon can be altered to have increased stats or abilities from other strains at a cost of +25 minerals and vespene gas