The NV-35 Minigun is a scaled down chain gun that uses magnetic acceleration similar to a gauss rifle to fire 10.87x 35 mm depleted Uranium shells rate of 6000 rounds per minute.

Rounds are stored in a lightly armored case that can be attached to the back of any version of Marine or Marauder-type powered armor or as a backpack via adjustable straps (Predator: Old Painless). Enemy infantry can be turned to mulch by the sheer force of the each round. Even small fighters can be taken down by a short salvo from a NV-35.

Due to its light weight, each NV-35 can be moved relatively quickly into different defensive positions. This is helpful when laying siege to any enemy base, where allied bunkers are very scarce. With the application of a retractable gun shield, users gain an extra layer of protection against most types of ranged weaponry (Vanquish: Robert Burns). Unfortunately, the shield is useless against heavy artillery shells and explosives. Against a tank, its best that a user take cover in a bunker or trench before engaging in battle.


  • Good against light to medium infantry/vehicles
  • Gun shield provides protection against light ranged weapons
  • Can be moved into different defense positions
  • Can be attached to light and medium vehicles for additional defense and offense


  • Only moderate damage to heavily armored targets
  • Gun shield is useless against explosive weaponry
  • Weight limits speed and maneuverability of users
  • Uses up ammunition quickly using constant fire
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