If Ursadak live on Aiur. You must acquit.

The Justicar is an operative from the Protoss Judicator caste.

Their main job was to seek out heretics and criminals before bringing them to be sentenced in court. Some even represented the accused they captured in certain cases. Justicars were some of the least liked by the other casts due to their abrasive attitudes and methods.

During investigations, they often use powerful INTERROGATION techniques to force information out of suspects and accomplices (Star Wars: Mind trick). These techniques include summoning a psionic copy of the Justicar to assist in tearing apart the suspects mental defenses. A maximum of three is often used before too much damage is done to even the most fortified minds (Dragon Ball Z: Tri-Form).

To keep suspects and unknown assailants from attacking them, Justicars can create a type of VENGENCE FIELD that psionically reverses attacks back to their source (Red Dwarf: Justice Zone). This often keeps small groups at bay long enough for the interrogation or execution to be done. Even the Dark Templar, find this to be one of their most irritating of abilities.

Finally, if there is a large group of suspect scattered in a wide area, the operatives can call forth an armada of arbiters to lay waste to small cities. This ARBITRATION has claimed many protoss lives from the Aeon of Strife up to the current galactic conflict.

Special abilities:

  • INTERROGATION - targets one unit and summons three copies of the Justicar itself for 60 seconds. While being interrogated, locations of enemy units are revealled along with +250% damage to all types. Once 60 seconds expire, target unit is left neutralized and unusable by anyone
  • VENGENCE FIELD - projects a field that causes anyone attacking within to receive damage from their own attacks. Does not work with special abilities
  • ARBITRATION - summons a fleet of elite Arbiters with +300% to all stats for 120 seconds

Notes Edit

  • Once enemy forces are defeated, Justicars receive 30% of enemy resources