“He is known by many names; Revenant; Black Assassin; King of Blades. Fallen, broken, he fell from the graces when his one and only Love was taken from him, and turned into a weapon for the Zerg. Fueled by the fires of hatred, and the tears of sorrow, he left his suffering and torment in his wake against those who wronged him. In his quest to disarm the Zerg, he found no love, no peace. Hate became his driving force, and fear became the voices that has driven him to madness. Torment continued to tear him apart as he began to fault himself for letting his only Love go, rather than finding an escape from the Swarm. He had become an empty shell - a shadow of himself. There existed only compassion for the woman he loved, who had become the Queen of Blades.”

“Those who tasted the bite of his sword named him The Broken One.”

- Tales of Blades, 8:42. As said from a shrine on Ulann.

James Patrick Kerrigan is a psychic Terran male and the younger (and shorter) relative to Sarah Kerrigan, which he looks awfully like her when she was a Terran; slender, and feminine-looking (this means he shares the same facial structure as hers). He began his career with his sister as a Confederate ghost and later defected to rescue her on Vyctor V. He later became the third-in-command of the Sons of Korhal under the command of Arcturus Mengsk until the devastating betrayal that resulted in Sarah's capture and infestation at the hands of the Zerg Swarm, leaving him completely broken. Over the course of the Brood War, he would descend into madness, directing his grief and hatred towards his enemies in devastating attacks and unspeakable acts of violence, both when he controlled a zerg brood, and when he fought and executed his enemies personally.

His archetype is that of an antihero. Combining grief, betrayal, pain, and his insatiable thirst for retribution against the man who is responsible for the atrocities he committed, he is driven to commit horrors that he would later on take responsibility for.

He is set to make his debut in StarCraft: Viper Squadron as the main playable character.

He is also best known for his use of the Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit the most powerful and technologically sophisticated piece of ghost hardware in human possession.

James Kerrigan[edit | edit source]

Early Life and Ghost Training[edit | edit source]

Following in his sister's wake, Young James Kerrigan's powers were "unlocked" when Sarah accidentally killed their mother and severely damaged their father, Patrick's brain. James Kerrigan was about to walk into the house when he was instead sent flying backwards, sliding across the ground when he somehow miraculously survived the blast. It was not long until they were taken in by Confederate agents as children and conscripted into the Ghost Program. At the age of six, he scored highly on all phases of the psi-evaluation, making him at the time of evaluation, the youngest recruit. Indeed, the Confederacy had to use the readjusted psionic power measurement scale they used on his sister to take into account his abilities.

During ghost training, his most hated instructor was Staff Sergeant Amy Matsumoto, another ghost agent who stepped away from covert operations to train future ghost agents like her. Amy attempted to break his sense of right and wrong and coerce him into demonstrating his powers. James refused, unwilling to recreate what he had witnessed back at their home.

In a bid to force James Kerrigan to demonstrate his powers, Amy injected a kitten with a tumor-causing chemical, then ordered James to either remove the tumor or euthanize the kitten (just like Sarah's backstory). Still unsuccessful, Amy threatened to shoot the kitten, but she relents, and instead let the kitten die a slow and painful death in front of him. Amy then discovered that her firing mechanism of her handgun was destroyed (just like what Sarah did), which prompts James to rebel, but Amy pacifies him using her own powers. When Amy pacified James, she discovered that he is psychic, but this was dangerous as he could use that moment to kill her.

Rumm then passed on the recommendation that he be injected with a neuro-adjuster, a device that weakens a ghost's psionic powers and ensure their loyalty to the Confederacy. Amy initially refused, but reconsidered the option, as it could kill the patient.

James Kerrigan was taken into another room which was adjacent to Sarah's, and was promptly strapped to a chair with a needle against his skin. In another room, he could see his brain-damaged father, similarly strapped to a chair, and in another room, he could see his sister about to go through the same thing he would go through. Rumm's scientists were about to inject their father with the same substance that caused the growth of the tumor in the kittens unless the siblings cooperated. Instead, Sarah threatened to kill herself along with their father, which causes James to plea with Sarah to take him with her if she does so, because he does not want to use his powers for the Confederacy. James was quickly injected with the needle and quickly lost consciousness. Amy and Rumm felt that they have no other choice but to deploy the neuro-adjusters.

Doctors quickly discovered that James Kerrigan fell into a coma during the operation, and he was subsequently moved into a room. A week later, James Kerrigan woke from his coma, and he immediately went through the neural processing treatments, which left him withdrawn and introverted. James Kerrigan would spend a year undergoing mental torture at the hands of Amy. What Amy didn't foresee were the consequences that this and her actions would have on him later on.

James Kerrigan's further training involved training with knives, swords, and firearms, including a combat scenario between him and two elder opponents, one done using swords, and the other done using knives, while scientists watched from above. Even at his young age, he was able to defeat them. In defiance, he used his psionics to destroy the windows of the viewing room where the scientists were watching from and he knocked back his trainer, slamming her against the walls. Such defiance came to nothing - The Confederacy broke him down so far to the point where he could kill without remorse.

Such brutality did come at a price however, and Amy didn't realize what her actions would translate to until one day, James Kerrigan caused an incident which triggered an emergency in the Ghost Academy. James Kerrigan managed to sneak off and climbed the stairwell towards the top of the living quarters where he stood, causing everyone - trainers and trainees alike, to gather around. Rumm felt that he needed to do something to avert the crisis, as he quickly shoved people to his side with Sarah Kerrigan in tow. He then hastily climbed the stairs to the floor James Kerrigan was on, and he confronted him in an attempt to stop him from committing suicide. Rumm pleaded with him to step down, but James rebuffs him, stating that the cruelty his trainer put him through along with his separation has pushed him close to the edge. Rumm then presented Sarah Kerrigan as his final card in a gamble to avert the crisis, and he reunited the siblings. As he descended the living quarters, he meets Amy along with authorities who arrests her on grounds of her unnecessary cruelty she inflicted on him.

Rumm then finished their training by polishing out James Kerrigan's firearms and knife skills, and began training the Kerrigans in teamwork, something the program doesn't often do, as agents have traditionally operated as "lone wolves", as Rumm feels that the siblings as a team would not just be formidable, but a valuable asset in the Confederacy's goals.

Confederate Ghost[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan was designated Ghost No. N724124R (Callsign: Revenant, and often referred to as either Ghost N7 or Ghost No. 24.2) following completion of training. As a Confederate agent, he would go on with his sister to assassinate many of the Confederacy's enemies.

The Assassination of Angus Mengsk[edit | edit source]

In 2489, James Kerrigan was sent to Korhal with Sarah Kerrigan and ghosts 24506 and 24718, with the assignment to assassinate Angus Mengsk after he declared Korhal to be a free world, independent of the Confederacy. They easily bypassed Angus' security system thanks to James, and he would go on to kill Angus' butler before moving in for the kill on the Mengsk family, where James proceeded to assist Ghost No. 24506 in killing their young daughter while Sarah Kerrigan personally killed Angus Mengsk. James Kerrigan then commandeered a getaway vehicle so they can disappear quick so when the news of Angus Mengsk's assassination blew over, their identities would not be revealed.

The Umoja Mission[edit | edit source]

James Kerigan was then sent along with Sarah in a mission that involved the newly formed Umojan Protectorate. James Kerrigan provided overwatch as she took position above a political rally to assassinate the senator. Just as she assassinates him, a Umojan kill team closes in on her position, and James Kerrigan eliminates them, giving her a chance to escape. Just as another Umojan kill team closes in on his position, he quickly rappels from his position, leaving a claymore mine for the kill team as his "parting gift". The duo then engage in an onslaught against the Umojan Protectorate military. James then manages to secure a vulture bike, and the Kerrigans races through the city as Sarah radios in an extraction team whilst they engage the Umojan Protectorate in a gun battle. The Kerrigans are then eventually pinned down on a bridge, after a Banshee pilot destroys a part of the bridge, causing a fuel tanker to fall over. The bridge begins to grow unstable as they fought tirelessly until the fuel tanker explodes, knocking them unconscious. Just before they were executed, Confederacy forces engage them and they promptly extract them moments before the bridge collapses.

The Fujita Raid[edit | edit source]

"So, you are the assassin who's been butchering my men, hm? Wait a minute... you look awfully like some lady who's here. Is that who you're after?"

"Who do you think I'm after, you twisted son of a bitch? Of course I'm after my sister you dimwit."

"Prepare him for the same experiments Ghost No. 24 is undergoing. He may be a potential candidate."

-Agent Kim Li and James Kerrigan after the latter's capture.

Just as James Kerrigan enters the mess hall of a barracks, he noticed something was amiss. He then quickly commandeered a starship and quickly made haste, tracking Sarah Kerrigan's position to Vyctor V. There, he infiltrated the Fujita Facility, witnessing the atrocities the Confederacy were committing through one of their secret projects. One of the security systems detected James' presence, promptly putting the entire facility on high alert. James Kerrigan then engages the security guards, and he manages to track Sarah Kerrigan in a testing lab, only to be subdued by a ghost agent who is revealed to be Kim Li. James Kerrigan is then disarmed and prepared for the xenomorph experiments that Sarah was going through.

Uprising[edit | edit source]

"Greetings, I'm Alexis Parker, fellow medic. You are on board the Hyperion, a battlecruiser under the command of my commanding officer Arcturus Mengsk. I was told to pass on his word to you-"

(points towards room where Sarah Kerrigan is in, moans) "Sarah..." (lets out scream of agony)

"... Shit!"

"Is he okay?"

"Yeah. I had to sedate him, pain is too great for him to bear right now."

"He needs more rest, give him some painkiller. Did he have any requests?"

"Yes, commander. He wants to be with the woman behind us."

"Okay. Somo, assist her in transporting him in the room across this one."

-Alexis Parker greets James Kerrigan before being sedated. Arcturus Mengsk orders his transfer soon after.

Arcturus Mengsk, leader of the newly-formed Sons of Korhal, ordered a raid on the Fujita Facility after he received intel on Sarah Kerrigan's location from Umojan sources. The rebels were not told of Sarah's significance or presence, and by this time Sarah was the only active subject left, as subjects who didn't elicit a strong response from the xenomorphs, were killed in order to maintain the secrecy of the project. James' presence there only stressed matters, as Arcturus didn't see his name anywhere in the intel he received, suggesting that he defected with the same goal they have with her and almost ended up becoming an experimental subject as well. They nevertheless promptly retrieved the unconscious Kerrigans, along with Confederate defectors and research materials, and they were conveyed to the rebels' base of operations, the battlecruiser Hyperion. James Kerrigan's neural inhibitor was removed. A number of cybernetic implants remained; years later, James Kerrigan suggested that they did this to prevent the onset of insanity by inhibiting his ability to read other people's thoughts other than Sarah's, as the two share a common bond with each other.

Upon awakening in Hyperion's sick ward, James was greeted by Alexis Parker. James was pointing to the room towards the right of him where Sarah was being held in. He couldn't talk, and only let out a moan as a numbing pain quickly escalated into agony from the removal of his neural inhibitor. James Kerrigan was quickly sedated before being given painkillers to soften the pain. Arcturus then ordered his transfer to the room where Sarah Kerrigan was being held in so he could be with her while he recovered.

After James recovered, he was ordered to meet with Arcturus Mengsk at the bridge to be given a formal greeting. After he was greeted, he began to make his way to Sarah Kerrigan where he ran into Somo Hung, who somewhat recognized him. The two became fast friends, which draws the ire of Lieutenant Pollock Rimes. James Kerrigan did not get on very good terms with the Lieutenant. Once he was done talking with Hung, he made his way to Sarah, and together they were able to recover more of their past fragments, and further their bond.

During an engagement between the Confederate battlecruiser Norad II and the Hyperion, Alexis Parker found James Kerrigan days after her deployment on a space platform, and with Somo Hung, the trio defended the engineering bay while Sarah gave chase to Ghost No. 24718. The trio successfully repelled the attack in the engineering bay, and shortly after, James Kerrigan began a relationship with Alexis Parker.

Alexis told him that she was the one who was ordered to keep his well-being after she extracted him from the Fujita Facility, and after doctors removed his neural inhibitor. James Kerrigan, feeling grateful sat closer to her and they shared their stories of their adventures.

James Kerrigan was deployed to Umoja with Sarah Kerrigan, and Alexis Parker was allowed to tag along with the siblings. Sarah grew a liking towards the medic, and the trio were successful in their mission with securing a base. Sarah Kerrigan then began a relationship with Somo Hung, which caused the siblings to get on worse terms with Lieutenant Pollock Rimes, especially for James Kerrigan who was already on bad enough terms. Alexis Parker was then needed for a mission to capture a space platform, and after the mission, James got a report from one of the marines who was with her that she was killed in action, much to his dismay.

The Kerrigans were involved in a nearly suicidal attack on the Ghost Academy on Tarsonis. James Kerrigan realized that Rumm (now a Major) and Amy (who was released) were present at the academy. James Kerrigan gave chase to Amy, and he managed to survive a booby trap set for him by Amy. James Kerrigan then engaged Amy in a violent sword duel that almost killed him after she impaled him through his abdomen. If it weren't for Sarah Kerrigan finding him before departing the Academy, he would have bled to death.

While en route to the Hyperion, James Kerrigan's wounds were patched, but his blood levels were in critical conditions. Sarah then volunteered to give her brother the blood transfusion that would spell his fate of certain death or survival. James Kerrigan would spend a week in the hospital while he recovered before he was ready to fight again.

After James Kerrigan was back on his feet, Arcturus Mengsk executed Ghost No. 24718 in front of the siblings, much to their horror, as they knew they were next because they were involved in his family's assassination two years ago. Arcturus Mengsk decided to spare the siblings, deciding they were more useful alive, claiming that he had forgiven them. The siblings were extremely grateful for Mengsk's decision, and now fully believed in their cause.

Rebel Yell[edit | edit source]

In 2499, The Kerrigans were sent to the moon of G-2775. They familiarized themselves with the base, and while they were there, James Kerrigan unearthed a secret project that he then passed on to Arcturus Mengsk after Sarah got a look for herself.

By December of that year, the xenomorphs, now known as the Zerg, was no secret, nor was the presence of the Protoss a secret either. He briefly encountered Michael Liberty, and he passed on his anti-Confederate sentiments towards him for his use.

The Antigan Revolution[edit | edit source]

The Kerrigans resurfaced on Antiga Prime, whose colonists grew tired of the Confederacy's heavy-handed policies. Sarah Kerrigan reported to Arcturus Mengsk that the colonists were ready to openly revolt while James Kerrigan was infiltrating Alpha Squadron's base, which James reported, and he got the order to plant R.E.X. charges in strategic locations so when they launch their attack to reclaim the Antigan revolutionary military base, he can quickly starve the troops fighting against the Sons of Korhal. His mission was a success, and James Kerrigan quickly linked up with Sarah Kerrigan and met Jim Raynor. His initial meeting didn't go so well, as James sensed his less-than-pure thoughts. They then moved towards Alpha Squadron's base and destroyed thanks to James' previous mission, as they were starved of resources.

Over the course of fighting on Antiga Prime, The Kerrigans, along with Jim Raynor worked together on numerous occasions, becoming a formidable team in the process.

A Secret Weapon[edit | edit source]

“What the hell are you thinking Arcturus? Are you insane? Those goddamn devices attract Zerg from distant worlds to unleash destruction! Do you think these people deserve the Zerg right at their door?”

“Kerrigan, I know you have the same feelings as your sister. Like what I told her, you can’t let your past cloud your judgments. Carry out your orders, 2nd lieutenant.”

“Yes, sir.”

-James Kerrigan’s misgivings.

The Antigan campaign reached its end when the Confederacy's Delta Squadron launched a major assault against the Sons of Korhal. Mengsk ordered a meeting of his commanders to discuss the situation. Mengsk had access to the plans for the Transplanar Psionic Waveform Emitter - or psi emitters, which his forces stole from the Confederates. These devices are capable of attracting Zerg from distant worlds. The Kerrigans were ordered to plant the emitter inside of the Confederate base, which would lure the zerg to their position.

As they undertook the mission, they told Mengsk that they think anyone didn't deserve to have the zerg unleashed upon them, but Mengsk seemed to believe their past was influencing them. The duo made their way through the battlefield which was filled with Confederate and zerg forces before they successfully planted the emitter inside of the base. They then asked Mengsk never to use this tactic ever again.

As Antiga Prime entered its death throes, the Kerrigans met up with Raynor. The three were experiencing doubts as to what Mengsk was having them do, and they headed for the ship's galley for coffee, and talk. The Kerrigans' antagonism towards Raynor having evaporated, and sympathy grew on the siblings, and eventually, Raynor obtained a vidsnap of Kerrigan, and James Kerrigan was given a new knife, having lost his original one at the Fujita Facility.

Power Trio[edit | edit source]

Mengsk noticed the improved relationship between the Kerrigans and Raynor, and in the interim period between Antiga Prime and Tarsonis, were assigned a number of missions. The first one was back to G-2775's moon to retrieve Confederate Goliath designs. The mission was a success.

Next, Raynor and the Kerrigans were sent to raid a science facility on Orna III. Sarah, who knew her way around the facility, used a deception tactic that involved her pretending that she arrested Raynor. James was assigned to provide cover if anything were to go wrong. The deception worked, and several scientists were rescued, including an android named Erika Hamilton (Adjunct No. AX-343). Corrupt scientists were killed, and they stole a pair of highly sophisticated pieces of ghost hardware before destroying the facility. While Raynor was out on a date with his sister, Erika asked him that he help her out retrieve additional pieces of equipment and accessories from another science facility she frequented back on Orna III. The raid was a success, and all of the advanced equipment were extracted unharmed.

After arriving back on the Hyperion, James was told by a hurt Sarah that she should not have got involved with Raynor. This raises concern for James, as he has always been a loving and caring brother, and James began to give her much-needed comfort.

The Seat of Power[edit | edit source]

The Sons of Korhal were finally nearing the orbit of the capital world of Tarsonis when Arcturus Mengsk called in a meeting to plan their assault of the capital world in order to defeat the Terran Confederacy at last.

Battle of New Gettysburg[edit | edit source]

“Did you hear about Mengsk’s forces planting and firing off those goddamned psi emitters Sarah?”

“Yeah I heard about it, and-”

“Holy shit! This is not good Sarah, and the Protoss are here? What do they have to do with the Zerg being here?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know”

-James and Sarah Kerrigan in awe and despair of the Zerg invading Tarsonis City.

Edmund Duke assaulted the central space platform, allowing a small group to effect entry into Tarsonis. There, the Kerrigans, Michael Liberty, and Raynor fought through the streets of Tarsonis City, and Mengsk's forces successfully defeated the Terran Confederacy, but his next move surprised and dismayed the Kerrigans and Raynor; his forces planted psi emitters in District 86.

Billions of Zerg cut a massive swathe of death and destruction through the Confederate forces. The Protoss soon followed, and they descended upon the zerg's primary hive.

Battle for Their Survival[edit | edit source]

“Kerrigan, I must tell you about what you have done.”

“What? I am having doubts about your leadership, Arcturus. Do you think we are worth rescuing?”

“No. You two have assassinated my family and I am leaving the two of you to die at the hands of the Zerg. In the end, you two were not politically reliable in my campaign to sway the colonists to our side. Your feelings for one another blows me away. I have never seen siblings care for each other like this. My sister has never done the same. But, oh well. I hope you two spend your last moments together, knowing that the Zerg have the two of you right where they want you.”

“You son of a bitch!!! Why did you wait for this moment to exact your revenge?! You should have killed us the moment you blown up the Fujita Facility so we don’t have to suffer. No matter, we will have our revenge if we survive. Do you understand?!”

-Arcturus Mengsk telling James Kerrigan that he was abandoning them.

Mengsk ordered the Kerrigans to protect the primary hive from the Protoss Expeditionary Force while the Zerg were at work destroying the last vestiges of the Confederacy. Raynor and James Kerrigan were getting increasingly uncomfortable with Mengsk's leadership and motivations, but James felt that he needed to accompany Sarah. They completed their mission, but in turn were overrun by the zerg. Mengsk then callously abandoned the Kerrigans, leaving them to the mercy of the zerg, both because they were not politically reliable, and because they were responsible for his family's death and wanted long-due vengeance. Arcturus Mengsk made his motivations clear to James Kerrigan before cutting communications with the sibling, wanting nothing from them at this point. This betrayal was the start of the downward spiral for James Kerrigan, as Sarah gave him her last gift to him, and she expressed her true feelings towards him before she told him to make a run for the medical facility where he can hide out and wait for extraction. As James was running to his next destination, he turned and, before his eyes, he watched his sister get taken by the zerg. After he entered the facility and made his way to the lower floors where he could hide, he began to mourn her supposed death.

The Downward Spiral[edit | edit source]

Isolation[edit | edit source]

On February 21, 2500, James Kerrigan came out of hiding, taking a hard landing after stepping on a vent grate. He quickly discovers that the facility had become overrun with zerg, as there was creep everywhere. Realizing he has no time left, he also found the base to be inoperable without power and had to reactivate it. As he made his way towards the generator room, he is attacked by a zergling who impales him through his right shoulder. James was able to kill the zergling, but he knew he now doesn't have much time, especially given that he is still grieving at the thought of his sister's death. After he got the power back on, he climbed to the rooftop of the medical facility to contact Raynor, but he quickly discovers that the radio tower was offline and he would have no chance of contacting anybody. He turned towards the geothermal station that provides power to the antenna which is capable of interplanetary communication. He descends back into the facility to take the active tram to the geothermal plant.

To get the geothermal plant operable again, he needed to clear out the hives that were jamming the turbines. After he completed the task, he began his daunting ascension towards the top of the radio tower, gathering tools and materials along the way. Before he made it to the antenna base, he is wounded by a hydralisk stinger. Now in danger, he needed to remove the stinger from his abdomen and cauterize the wound before he can proceed with reaching the antenna. He makes it to the base of the antenna thousands of feet from the ground, and he had to fight a group of mutalisks and other zerg forces that were swarming the base. He then climbs the tower to reach the console to repair and reset the radio console, and then he broadcasts an open distress signal in a desperate bid to escape regardless of who rescues him. Raynor answered his distress call, prompting a sigh of relief from James Kerrigan. He then promptly descends from the tower and exits the medical facility.

This was not met well, as he is quickly overrun by the zerg, and James engages in a running gun battle with them, resulting in a failed cloaking module and destroyed visor goggles. In the brief interim, he retrieves his sister's rifle and still-functional visor goggles, and takes a vulture bike to head for District 86, which Raynor believes there is a starport holding a ship which he can use to make his escape.

After entering the perimeter of District 86, which has become a massive, expansive hive at this point, he fought another mass attack from the Zerg which he barely survives, and he battles a brutalisk sent after him. He emerges victorious, and he hastily makes his way to the starport. After opening the hangar doors, he runs towards the starship that is usable, but his right calf is gouged by a zergling which he quickly kills. With very little time, he crawls towards the controls and launches the ship before the starport is overrun. Now bleeding out, James Kerrigan quietly waits for either his inevitable death or when Raynor saves him. The latter happens as Raynor whisks him away just after he and Matt Horner lay claim to the Hyperion, and he is quickly treated for dehydration and severe wounds.

After he was stripped out of his now-destroyed suit, Kerrigan is given the letter that he stored in the suit by Erika Hamilton, who helps him back on his feet. He then makes his way to the bridge where a large container was sitting on the floor. As he reads the letter, Kerrigan falls in tears as the heartfelt letter Sarah wrote him now became a sorrowful one. Erika then unlocked the container which contained Sarah's supposed-to-be gift to him: the revolutionary Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit. The letter also contained the same vidsnap Raynor was in possession of, except this one on the back of it was signed with a heart and arrow on it.

The Black Assassin[edit | edit source]

After donning the suit, he learned that he was able to trace Sarah's steps, and found out that she traveled to the science vessel Amerigo above Char. Against the advice of Raynor, Horner, and Hamilton, he traveled to the vessel, searching for Ghost Program information and clues as to how to remove his ghost conditioning after he noticed a sharper presence of psionic energy emanated by his sister, and to unlock a potential ability. There, he found the last medicine used to reverse ghost conditioning, and he took it promptly. Immediately, Kerrigan's psionic abilities developed, but this rapid surge of psionic energy nearly killed him, and he fell unconscious. Two psionic abilities he would learn and harness later on is psionic storm and death knell.

After waking, the alarms went off as the UED planted a nuclear bomb on the Amerigo. Finding no other means of escape, he takes the airlock and he fully suits up and activates his hermetic seal before initiating self-jettisoning. As he jettisoned himself into space, the blast blows him far away from the planet and the now-destroyed facility. Raynor retrieved him promptly, and Kerrigan decides to take in the night sky before entering the Hyperion.

He then begins to make several incursions against the UED at the behest of Raynor. Instead, he infiltrates their ranks, hoping that he can get close to Arcturus Mengsk so he can carry out his plan to assassinate Mengsk in retribution for what transpired on Tarsonis. He notifies Raynor of his presence within the UED, promising to pass on any intel that may be of use to them. He then helps out the UED fight against the Terran Dominion, eventually leading to Korhal IV where Kerrigan reveals his true motives to the UED Admiral Alexi Stukov of his plot to assassinate Mengsk and that he doesn't need their help anymore. Before Kerrigan can get within arms reach of Mengsk, Raynor makes a surprise move of rescuing the emperor, a move that causes friction between him and Raynor. When Mengsk learned of the secret plot Kerrigan had, he bestowed the title of The Black Assassin upon him.

After returning from his failed attempt at Mengsk's life, he is then tasked with continuing his assault on Korhal against the UED that he betrayed. In a show of power and will, he uses psionic storm for the first time to destroy a mass attack of UED forces, and he also uses death knell at the squad's commander. After that mission, he returns to the Hyperion where Sarah Kerrigan betrays all of her allies and attacks them. Raynor's vow to end her life triggered a fallout between Kerrigan and Raynor, as James has swore to protect his sister at all costs. When Sarah Kerrigan contacts the Hyperion, James is horrified to see what the Zerg have done to her when they infested her. Sarah reveals a dark secret to him: the last of the ghost medicine was laced with nothing but pure zerg DNA belonging to none other than the Queen of Blades, and she knew that he would eventually find the Amerigo in time. She then activates the dormant DNA, causing grievous amounts of pain to boil within him as the Queen's DNA began to assimilate with his Terran DNA. This also triggers the primary protocols of the suit to then integrate his new DNA profile into the suit, unlocking its true potential of what it truly is, but it also reveals an even darker secret that Erika was hiding from everyone. More than the Hostile Environment Suit Kerrigan was promised, the Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit was in reality a volatile cocktail of highly advanced ghost technologies and genetically engineered zerg DNA.

The Descent Into Madness[edit | edit source]

"When I evolve, little brother, so do you."

-Sarah Kerrigan to James Kerrigan about the latter's infestation.

Kerrigan would then be on his own in the interim between the end of the Brood War and the dawn of the Second Great War, scouring the Sector for any clues to how he can get his sister back and ultimately disarm the Zerg of a powerful weapon. However, this proves to be far more difficult, as he was beginning to deal with the onset of depression and the infestation that he now has to live with. He comes into contact with rogue Protoss factions, Zerg broods, and Terran organizations. His encounter with a zerg brood earned him the title of King of Blades after Kerrigan learned that he can now bend the zerg to his will, and he used the brood to launch an attack on the terran faction to retrieve any data he can use, earning him the hatred of many more, especially after he killed a few dozen men in a psionic storm. He took the zerg brood with him and he used it to coerce a Dominion mining colony into handing him any intel on either any alien artifacts or the Dominion Army themselves. Because Kerrigan managed to expand the brood to a sizable army, the mining colony decided to hand him the intel on the Dominion Army as they had nothing about any "strange alien jargon". He then further expanded his zerg brood, but this endeavor quickly grew dangerous, as the Queen of Blades noticed his ability to control zerg, but ultimately they will bow to the Queen before anyone else. Kerrigan was then contacted by a Protoss group claiming that they were working for Artanis, but Kerrigan becomes skeptical of their real motives, but against his judgement, he meets them in person. He then meets the Protoss, who asks for his assistance with battling another Protoss faction, which worries Kerrigan. After he discovers their true motives of them wanting to kill him simply because he is the "Queen's puppet", he quickly calls in his zerg brood, decimating the faction, but the Queen of Blades then confiscates the brood from him. The Queen then revealed her motives of capturing him and infesting him to become like her, but that time was not yet there, as he has "not ripened" enough in her words. She would then claim his as her mate since both have incredible powers and would rule the Swarm together.

Nightmare[edit | edit source]

"Amon is coming, little brother. Soon, I'm going to need you, whether you're willing to give up your race or not."

-Sarah Kerrigan warning James Kerrigan of the coming threat.

In 2503, James Kerrigan was then contacted by Sarah Kerrigan again, warning him of the coming threat that was the dark god Amon. After revealing that his zerg mutagens were fallible to Amon, he grew horrified by the thought that he can be controlled by "some kind of god that doesn't even exist.", but instead it was used to torment him even further through the use of nightmarish images of his and his sister's inevitable death.

Kerrigan was drawn to Ulann in search of an ancient prophecy. He followed the Queen of Blades, but he also senses a protoss force lead by Praetor Karass was present, as well as Zeratul, and he felt that it would be better to avoid them at all costs rather than contacting with them after what happened previously. He enters a cave system, making his way to one of the shrines. Contact with one of the shrines caused bad effects with him, with one of the shrines showing him of his role in the prophecy and his battle against Amon, and the other vision without Sarah and his inevitable fall into madness. Shortly thereafter, he comes into contact with the Queen herself after sparring with a few of her zerg she didn't bother saving. She pins him against another shrine just by using her new look and imposing will. James began to beg and plea with her for his life, and in hopes of making the Queen reconsider her actions, but she brushes them off and walks away, leaving him heartbroken that the Sarah he once loved has succumbed to the power and influence of the zerg.

After returning to the Hyperion from his near-fruitless journey, he comes into contact with Zeratul, who passes him the crystal with the other fragments of his own prophecy and what appears to be his and his sister's path to redemption.

Viper Squadron[edit | edit source]

The Making of the Team[edit | edit source]

"Listen up, you will keep that negative shit off of these airwaves, or I will personally send you to fight that bitch commandeering that battlecruiser as a one-man air defense. Do you understand?"

-James Kerrigan to a hopeless marine.

Matt Horner travels to an unnamed space platform over Braxis to pick up supplies that one of the contacts hooked up the crew with. Before Matt can brief Kerrigan on his plans, the shipyard comes under attack from Dominion forces, seeking to end the rebel movement for good and for retribution against Kerrigan for the atrocities he's committed in recent times. Matt then orders Kerrigan to command the Raiders ground forces while he manages the platform's air defenses. Kerrigan managed to hold the attack long enough so that the Hyperion can make a safety warp-jump out of Braxis orbit. Kerrigan then commandeers a prototype stealth-ship after he orders a fallback into the hangar. The squad barely escape the destruction of the space platform, and they make their way towards the Hyperion's location to brief on the plan. The prototype stealth-ship was then named Deathwing, and it will serve as their base of operations.

Matt puts James Kerrigan in charge of a special operations group codenamed Viper Squadron. Their mission was to secure intel and any designs and plans, and to operate behind enemy lines. After recruiting Anthony Barnes and Jordan Wilson to the team, they are then assigned to raid a Dominion logistics base on Agria in the dead of night. Kerrigan and his team manage to break into the base, and the commander operates inside of the logistics base while the rest of Viper Squadron hold off the enemy long enough for him to gather intel from their base. After leaving, Kerrigan and his team is then contacted by 338th Dominion Expeditionary Unit commander Robert Anderson, after he noticed his base came under fire. He also claims that he ordered the attack on the space platform to destroy the Hyperion along with Kerrigan, but Kerrigan questions whether he really did or was bluffing. Robert Anderson is also shown to be a stout opponent of the Crysis Project when that was still active. Erika Hamilton rebukes his claims, stating that the project was a success and that canceling it was the wrong move, as the Dragonsuit could have moved to mass production for the most elite of all ghosts.

Matt then tasks the Squadron to head to Odin and rescue a contingent of ghost agents from the Dominion, when the Dominion ordered the execution of dozens of ghosts. The last mission has left the Squadron stretched too thin, and Kerrigan had to come up with some plan as to overcome the obstacle. Anthony's scans with the Deathwing found a zerg colony, and he suggested that they should avoid it and attempt a stealth maneuver. When the Squadron deployed however, Kerrigan saw that there was no time, as the Dominion was moments away from starting the executions, and the presence of a Protoss faction only made matters worse, and he decides to control the zerg brood instead, and augments the Squadron to both make a swift attack on the Dominion camp and to repel the Protoss faction. The Squadron managed to rescue the ghost agents, and Kerrigan recruited Iris Reeves to lead the Ghost Division of Viper Squadron. The Squadron then reported the success, but members begin to question his leadership and his actions. When Jordan Wilson questions whether he was human or zerg, she grabs the attention of Erika Hamilton, and the two argue whether they should reverse the infestation or not, and question his humanity. Erika claimed that she knew him for longer than she did, and she was just getting acquainted with the commander now, and explained that past events that he went through changed him completely, and claimed that she saw the commander "go down in the downward spiral", and the only way other than death to bring him out of misery was to de-infest the Queen of Blades.

The Artifact[edit | edit source]

Erika Hamilton then assigned the Squadron to investigate the Fujita Facility after she received a dossier from an unknown source and see what they were referring to. The squad begin their investigation, and while there, Kerrigan experiences bad memories of the place from 12 years ago when he was captured. After they scoured the facility, they came at nothing, and Erika then suggested that they investigate Tarsonis City and see whether there was something there. Kerrigan managed to find another dossier, and before he leaves, he seals District 86 for good, for he believed that no one should either enter or exit the part of Tarsonis City.

After further investigation, they find that the dossier they uncovered was pertaining to an alien artifact, and they then traveled to Orna III to find a facility believed to already hold one of the pieces of the artifact. When they got to the facility, they discovered that all of the personnel were infested, and they had to fight through the facility to its heart. There, they find the artifact, which causes the same terrible effects Kerrigan experienced when he was near a shrine on Ulaan. After touching the artifact, it instead detonates, de-infesting the entire facility and rendering the artifact useless. The squad flees the facility before anyone found about their involvement.

The Squadron then travel to Abaddon, where there was another Dominion facility. This one was much harder to reach, as the facility was free-standing on a towering section of rock. Anthony Barnes also warned that there was another Terran faction, and they contacted the squad, identifying themselves as the Koprulu Liberation Front (KLF). Kerrigan declines their help, and the KLF launches an attack on their position. While the attack was underway, Kerrigan penetrates the facility, and investigates it, only to find out that the artifact was gone. Kerrigan then assists the rest of his team in the repelling of the KLF, causing them to become sworn enemies. At the same time, Robert Anderson contacts the squadron, demanding that they hand over their commander if the squad were to live. Kerrigan himself deliberately rejects the offer, causing Anderson to now make a promise that he and his squad will be killed off for good, and that his suit "would be turned to scrap."

Dark Prophecy[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan then travels to Xil, but the planet is under control of a Protoss faction that was revealed to be the Tal'Darim. There, they held a Xel'naga temple under control which held an artifact. James Kerrigan then launches an attack on the Tal'Darim after they began to stage an attack as well, with the Squadron feigning a frontal assault and instead moving towards their backs, defeating them. As the Tal'Darim were regrouping, Anthony took over his forces while he breaches the temple. While inside, he find the artifact, and just as he touches, he is shown another vision of his role in the prophecy, depicting him fighting Amon whilst dying from his curse. After he was released from the artifact's grasp, he quickly flees. His attack, along with his infiltration of the temple, draws the hatred of their commander. James Kerrigan orders the squad to withdraw and get out of Xil's system, and he takes a vulture bike to flee the site.

After he fled the site, he destroys the vulture bike, and he begins to make his trek towards another Protoss base, hoping that he can get help getting off the planet. While there, he encounters a Protoss tangled up and about to be killed. Against his better judgement of the Protoss, he saves the protoss who later reveals itself to be Lynalla, a Zealot assigned to a detachment of Protoss. The duo then make their way to the base, encountering the Tal'Darim along the way. After activating the beacon, they then held off a Tal'Darim mass attack as a Protoss mothership was underway. James Kerrigan uses psionic storm for the second time to clear out the Tal'Darim forces, a feat that draws the impression of Lynalla, as she never seen a Terran harness such a power, but warns him of such use could lead to runaway storms.

The Protoss fleet rescue Lynalla and James Kerrigan. Because he saved Lynalla, he earns the respect of Hiearch Artanis. After the commemoration, Lynalla offers to take him back to his team, which he accepts. James contacts the Squadron, who grew worried about him. Lynalla was then invited on board after she dropped him off. After her visit, she returns to her fleet, and Viper Squadron then travel to Mar Sara after Erika Hamilton gave them another piece of intel, suggesting that there was a Dominion Ghost Project, and she wanted to see what the project was about, and see if there were any war plans that the Raiders could use to reinforce their weak points. When they got there, they found that the base that held the plans was also a base that held deadly, unstable fanatics later revealed to be called Spectres. As Kerrigan neared the base to infiltrate, the Zerg Swarm under the leadership of the Queen of Blades descends on the base, destroying it, then she descends, intent on capturing him. James then makes a run for the base, and he orders the squad to withdraw while he holds off the Queen. The two then get into a battle where the Queen's goal was to wear him down enough so he wouldn't be much of a hassle to her.

Lynalla then miraculously saves Kerrigan by sending a protoss phoenix to retrieve him. After he was warped to the mothership, he comes to tensions with both his own squad and the protoss. He quickly reveals that the Queen is indeed his own sister by drawing his own blood and lets a few drops it into a DNA analyzer to prove his claim. He then meets the Tal'Darim commander he encountered after the latter boarded the mothership, and he comes close to killing the commander, but he relents, throwing him across the deck. Kerrigan then comes under threat from the protoss, who revealed that they want her head because she killed many of their kind, but he challenges it, stating that if anyone wants to kill the Queen of Blades, they would have to kill him first. He then rebukes their zeal by calling them "blind patriots" after he points out their will to carry out their mission without any concern for others who have a different mission, revealing that his mission with the Queen of Blades is to de-infest her, then run as far away as he can from the rest of society in hopes of living a more quieter life. He then reveals his past relationship with her, causing even more tension now that they were questioning whether he was "in his right mind or not." After the argument, Lynalla attempts to console him, but he rebuffs her efforts. Finding everything that the Protoss said and vowed unacceptable, he storms off with his team.

Shadowblade[edit | edit source]

Viper Squadron then travels to Antiga Prime, where they managed to track not only one of the bases believed to be a part of the secret ghost project, but also where Robert Anderson was waiting. Once Viper Squadron deployed and launched their attack while Kerrigan gives chase to Anderson. Robert Anderson makes a bold move by using the same tactic he's used many times of feigning and backstabbing, pinning his team down. Kerrigan now had to press on on his own while Viper Squadron immediately withdrawn, and when he entered the perimeter, he battles Anderson's elite forces composed mostly of ghosts, commandos, and spectres, with Anderson revealing that he is a ghost as well. Kerrigan overpowers his forces and kills the commander himself, then as he enters the base, a Dominion detachment detonates circuit breakers that disables Kerrigan, but his original captors were quickly killed by another commander later revealed to be Gabriel Tosh, leader of Tosh's Goons. Tosh, intent on turning him into a spectre.

As Kerrigan awakens in an unknown lab in New Folsom, he used an opportunity to make an escape, retrieving his rifle and he is met by Jordan Wilson, Iris Reeves, and Jeisenne Moreau, who came in with an HC-5 Havoc battle rover. The squad then engages his pursuers in a gun battle. He radios in the Deathwing for his retrieval.

The Butcher of Backwater Station[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan then takes extra intel pertaining to the secret ghost project, now revealed to be Project: Shadowblade, and he headed off to Backwater Station where he treated himself to something to eat while he looked through the documents. While he was looking through the documents, a gang of 42 men gathered around Joeyray's Bar and attempted to apprehend the infamous agent, but he rudely rejects the arrest warrant's orders and starts a battle with them, killing a few of their men before engaging in a grisly duel with a sword that left the rest of the 42 cut down and quartered where they stood. He then runs off, returning to the Hyperion to wash off the blood he accumulated.

Renegade Agent[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan then hands over the intel to Matt Horner. Depending on the actions made, Viper Squadron either goes rogue (if they survived the assault on Commander Anderson's base), or is disbanded with their ship being destroyed (if only Anthony Barnes, Jordan Wilson, and Iris Reeves survives). Either way, Matt Horner was impressed with his efforts leading a team and completing the mission.

If the team goes rogue (with a Redeemer alignment), Kerrigan reasons that it is in their best interest for their survival by not allowing the Terran Dominion to tap into their communications channels so they can track them down, or (with a Neutral alignment) Kerrigan has a personal mission to complete that he can do without the assistance of Raynor's Raiders. They are subsequently branded as renegades.

After the ordeal in Backwater Station, he travels to the middle of nowhere (with or without Viper Squadron or the Zerg) where he also pointed the nose of his ship towards the planet with two moons, where he begins to build a list of the conspirators involved in Project: Shadowblade. He unearths a shaky revelation where Agent X41822N (Callsign: Nova) was supposed to participate in the project, but was cancelled before she was involved. Kerrigan, now in possession of the completed list, takes off and investigates the foundry, where he would clash with the agent numerous times.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

"He just... broke when Sarah was gone."

-Jim Raynor's thought on James Kerrigan.

Personality[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan was abused at a young age during ghost training, which lead him to nearly committing suicide. If it wasn't for Rumm reuniting him with Sarah, he would have done so. As a result, everyone had to keep an eye on him while he finished training and rebuilding his bond with his sister. When he reflected on this, it emotionally tore him apart, realizing that the people who tried to control him had to go to extreme lengths in order to assert their authority and dominance over him, which he thinks is attributed to his seemingly "indomitable will". Nevertheless, he is willing to serve others he thinks will serve his best interest.

After he and Sarah were abandoned on Tarsonis, his righteous hatred towards Arcturus Mengsk and his devastating loss tore him emotionally, and had to justify to himself what he had become. He never embraced the life he wanted to live once he left the Sons of Korhal with both Raynor and his sister once they settled down. All those events had severely affected his mental and emotional well-being, exhibiting violent behavior and severe depression. James has taken his pain and grief out on everyone around him before, save for Jim Raynor, Matt Horner, and a Protoss, Lynalla, though he would clash with Jim Raynor oftentimes on the issue of his sister. At one point however, he had a fallout with Raynor when he vowed to kill his sister.

Kerrigan became notorious (and feared) for his brutal actions when he lost his sister, and later on found out about her whereabouts when she became the Queen of Blades at the hands of the Zerg. He harbors a deep hatred of the Zerg, but he is shown to control them when he sees the necessity to do so. The atrocities he's unleashed struck fear into any Dominion soldier when anyone spoke of him, as he was seen before quartering soldiers where they stood, frying their brains with his psionics, and devastating fortresses with their occupants inside.

His relationship with Sarah Kerrigan is quite complicated. Separated many times before - as a child and as a ghost agent twice, he is shown to be quite selfish and (after her infestation) apathetic towards anyone who dare harm her in any way, and during his journey for a way to de-infest his sister, he claimed that with her being alive and active, it gave him a sliver of hope that he will get his sister back once he overcame his trials and burdens whilst battling his own demons that were apathy and depression. The state of their bond raised concerns from everyone that knew them long enough, believing they have taken their relationship too far.

Psionics[edit | edit source]

"Think Terrans were pathetic with their psionics? I know I'm not."

-James Kerrigan on his psionics

James Kerrigan is an extremely powerful terran psychic, and he was shown to be able to resist psionic attacks and an aptitude for telekinetic powers like Sarah, making Sarah's powers completely unspecial. Indeed, he survived Sarah's psionic outburst at a young age without any harm, and when he went through the psi-evaluation, forced the Confederacy to apply the modified psionic measurement scale on him, and he scored a PI of 10 (of course he did). His powers were however limited by ghost conditioning and a neuro-adjuster, but after the removal of the adjuster, he was able to pick up Amy and slam her on the ground to put some distance between him and her to remove the sword from his abdomen.

Like Sarah, he is naturally suited to controlling zerg, but he doesn't find out about this later on. He almost went through the experimental runs Sarah was forced to go through when they were at the Fujita Facility. Following his infestation, his ability to control zerg was further amplified; being able to control a zerg brood, which he used to launch attacks before. After clearing the ghost conditioning, he was able to use psionic storm and sense the Protoss, which explains his ability to sense Praetor Karass and Zeratul when he was on Ulann. His psionic link with Sarah Kerrigan is considered to be permanent, allowing him to share thoughts and to track her down, making him the best tracker of his sister. When the Queen's mutagens further evolved in him, his powers grew further, possessing a "class 12 psi signature", which makes no sense whatsoever but I wanted him to be as strong as Kerrigan. With this, he was then able to not only transmit certain psionic attacks through radio communications he established, but was able to use the most deadly psionic attack few ever mastered, known as Death Knell.

Kerrigan is also shown to be able to channel and harness his own powers to unleash devastating attacks, such as being able to leap into the air and strike with terrible force (like the Queen of Blades). If combined with the suit's ability to release a powerful "air stomp", he can unleash a titanic smash that can create craters where he lands, and if combined with the suit's unprecedented level of protection, he can hold his own against more than 27 siege tanks firing at him all at once because why not?

Tactics[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan is especially skilled in strategic routing, deception, and espionage. He is skilled with the use of knives, firearms, driving/piloting various vehicles (driving the vulture the best), and was among the few agents to master the sword, a skill he best demonstrated in both the Backwater Station Massacre and the duel between him and Amy.

He is shown to be an excellent marksman. Kerrigan has once before, pushed a DSG-4 Enhanced Precision Rifle beyond its limits by delivering a 5,010-yard shot. He can do this while keeping his shots within a 2-foot diameter target, despite the weapon not being suitable for extreme ranges, as it is a semi-automatic weapon.

Kerrigan exhibits an unusually high pain tolerance; being able to withstand an impalement through his abdomen, and withstanding grievous wounds. He can survive for a long duration on a planet without food or water, and utilize the environment to his greatest advantage.

When he acquired the Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit, his strength, stamina, protection, and speed were taken to new extremes. Being able to withstand almost any kind of damage and executing superhuman feats, his fighting style changed completely, and anyone fighting him must change their rules to adapt to him. Even then, no one would be able to kill him as he would outmaneuver and overpower them. The "Armor Mode" gives Kerrigan unsurpassed protection against every kind of damage short from a large Apocalypse-class nuclear missile detonated 2 miles from ground zero. Some may think it's overpowered and it may be but it's still cool.

Zerg Infestation and Abilities[edit | edit source]

James Kerrigan was unwittingly infested on the Amerigo above Char, which gave him a very unique gene pool he shares with the Queen of Blades. The infestation did not physically change his appearance, contrary to many cases of infestation, which raises skepticism from Erika Hamilton when she studied his DNA upon discovering the infestation.

James Kerrigan gained an extreme immunity to infestation (except at the hands of the Queen of Blades), rendering attempted infestation by other means futile. His immunity also allows him to enter a regenerative stasis without harm, allowing him to rapidly heal grievous wounds. He also has a complete and total tolerance to being within zerg colonies; he can operate in them without the use of a gas mask. He is just that powerful. Maybe I should make him the chosen one?

Kerrigan, according to Erika Hamilton, gained unexplained knowledge of the Zerg for a human besides the Queen of Blades. He can spin strands/sequences of DNA, allowing him to make his own creations.

Kerrigan is also shown to make use of several zerg abilities, most notably Predator Senses (perception considered superhuman) and Subjugate (which allows him to control zerg broods). Kerrigan can (optionally in a side mission in Viper Squadron) develop Zerg mutations of his own to augment his abilities.

StarCraft: Viper Squadron In-game Character Information[edit | edit source]

On February 24, 2500, James Kerrigan was given his allegedly late sister's gift: the revolutionary Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit, made in an extremely classified project soon revealed to be codenamed Project: Crysis.

Once he donned and activated the suit, he learned it didn't do much but give him an alternative energy source to cloak, in addition to offering superior protection. His first solo deployment was to the destroyed Amerigo to find clues to unlock a potential ability that lies deep in his psionic roots. He found he needed to clear his ghost conditioning, but something laid there - lying in wait.

It was until Jim Raynor and the Protoss were attacked by a now-infested Sarah Kerrigan, turning James Kerrigan's worst nightmare into a reality. It was in the chaos that she revealed a dark secret to him: the the last vial containing the ghost conditioning reversal on the Amerigo was tainted with her own Zerg DNA, and it laid dormant. She then woke up the Zerg DNA, causing grievous amounts of pain as the Queen of Blades’ Zerg DNA began to assimilate with his own Terran DNA, transforming him into another hybrid Terran/Zerg being like her for no other reason than to continue copying Sarah's design.

The suit then began to bond to his own skin and nerves, revealing an even darker secret. Far from the simple 'Ghost Suit' the former Terran Confederacy promised him, the Onyxian Dragon Scale Suit was actually a volatile cocktail of highly advanced ghost technologies and genetically engineered Zerg DNA. From that moment on, the suit was usable to its full capacity, unlocking a myriad of functions now at his disposal.

During his battles, direct contact with powerful Zerg beings caused a disturbing shift in Kerrigan's suit, bringing him closer to his newfound Zerg nature. He learned that he can control the Zerg with little more than his own powers, status, and dominance; a feat even the Protoss could not achieve, even with their own powers and technologies. Kerrigan learned his suit can be modified, upgraded, and evolved. However this came at a price he was not willing to pay, but there was a way to circumvent that. He solely bought much-needed power to fight his enemies during his quest to find an answer and eventually save Sarah Kerrigan and defeat the Zerg - a seemingly impossible feat for only one man, let alone the newly-found Terran Dominion branded him as the Black Assassin and the Zerg as the King of Blades - the greatest enemy of the Terran Dominion and Arcturus Mengsk's greatest enemy besides the Queen of Blades and Jim Raynor, and the Zerg's dominator and oppressor.

During his quest for retribution, each kill of his most hated enemies cost him a sense of humanity - a sense of morality. Every one of his enemies he slayed, he became less human and more monster; less Terran and more Zerg; less faithful and more fearful; less careful and more reckless; less calm and more enraged; and less happy and more depressed. Torment encompassed him; hate drives him; and fear consumed him. One piece at a time, his humanity was taken away.

James Kerrigan - the deadliest Ghost agent struggling to hold onto the last remnants of his former self. James Kerrigan - a Zerg being disguised as a Terran. James Kerrigan - a relentless, cruel, and violent killer secretly plagued by horrifying nightmares of his sister and his own deaths. James Kerrigan - wielder of a deadly weapon system made of Zerg upgrades and densely-woven muscle fibers wrapped around his own Zerg-infested body. James Kerrigan - a wounded man whose wounds can only be healed by the one he truly loves and cherishes who will do the same to him: Sarah Kerrigan. James Kerrigan - a wandering body with a stolen humanity who once embodied compassion and a drive to achieve great things in life, dreaming it was once a charming and loving man named James Kerrigan.

Character Development[edit | edit source]

The following notes in this section is direct from the creator himself, Jurunce, and contains other details not yet written in this wikia.

Initial Beginnings[edit | edit source]

I started the development of James Kerrigan back in May 2015 while I was still in college during the spring semester. The idea initially came with the question "what if Sarah Kerrigan had a secret relative all this time?", and I hand an answer for that: A ghost agent who is two years younger and three inches shorter, influenced by Japanese manga depictions of older sister/younger brother obviously. But here, James Kerrigan is much more mature, and to challenge stereotypical male depictions, I made him more feminine-looking (slender, has hips (though not as wide as the average female), and a strikingly similar facial structure.), and many confuse him as a "twin sibling".

I also developed his suit to set him apart from the average ghost character. At first, the suit merely gave him extended protection, but over time, I extended this to unsurpassed levels of protection and muscle augmentation, primarily inspired by the Nanosuit and Nanosuit 2 from the Crysis series. There are differences and similarities between his suit and the Nanosuits. Its initial incarnation was what I considered a "souped-up Ghost Suit", but recently, I began to design what is now a more natural-looking suit that is now more in-line with the lore of the suit now, taking some design cues from Sarah Kerrigan's De-Zerged suit and Nova's Master Skin.

For weapons of choice, he was to be depicted as being an expert with shotguns, but I re-balanced that with him being excellent (though not perfect) with a wide variety of weapons, and this included him being one of only a small handful of ghost agents to not receive, but to master an ancient weapon that is the sword, albeit in the form of a modern-day one.

Development Over Time[edit | edit source]

The emotional aspect is he is someone who is "the loneliest sibling in the universe", the possibility of redemption, and his rocky relationships with friends whom he disagrees with their views which he considers contradictory to his pursuits of reclaiming what he had lost "in the fires of war and betrayal". He was abused in the past at the hands of ghost trainers as they thought he would listen if beaten and tortured enough, and one such method they deployed was to separate him from his sister for real, but this backfired on his trainers in a near-suicide incident. Instead, what worked was to pair the siblings as a two-person team and deploy them that way to increase effectiveness, which had unexpected results, but like with everything that's not perfect, it had a side-effect as well.

Initially, his personality was supposed to be "an evil agent who takes pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on his enemies", but as time went on, this changed to "an agent broken and tormented from the loss of the only one he truly loved and cared for, who lashed out at anyone and released his pain and suffering upon his enemies", which I think is more fitting for the theme I took this too. The recurring themes involving this character is loss, suffering, grief, love, and dedication, even in the more dire of situations.

Much of his personality was at first derived from the Queen of Blades, but over the development of his personality, I swapped bits and pieces around to try and build a cohesive, and believable character who is conflicted, and torn emotionally and is willing to do anything to heal those wounds. For part of the conflicted personality, I took minor inspiration from the Star Wars character Kylo Ren, as he too has a conflicted personality, but again, James Kerrigan is different from that character as well.

There are two personalities I have developed so far, and one is that of a genuinely loving character full of charm, sympathy, and charisma who is genuinely happy, very outgoing, and is driven by passion, and the other is that of a violent, emotionally torn, depressed character who manipulates people and carries out brutal actions against his enemies, which has earned him the ire of many more enemies. This personality also shows that he cares for no one but the Queen of Blades, showing a theme of jealousy and apathy, and earning him the descriptor of "Queen of Blades sympathizer" - like Stockholm Syndrome, though it should be noted that his friends and allies would skimp by this persona of his if they are willing to help him achieve his goals, because all he wants is his sister back and to be spared.

When he got his sister back, he was torn again because his other personality that seemingly burned down to ashes began to rush back into him, and this caused him to realize that, even though he is aware of what his actions meant and the implications it would carry, he began to take responsibility for the many Dominion lives he's taken from his apathetic and brutal actions. This driven him mad, like how Sarah was driven mad after she realized that she killed billions of people as the Queen of Blades. However his love for his sister remained, and he was able to quickly reforge his long-lost bond.

The other part of him is how oblivious he can be at times, and when his sister expressed her true feelings towards him just before she was captured, he quickly realized that he was also falling in love with her, tearing him at the seams again, as he now questioned whether it was wrong or not (open for discussion) for him to actually love her like that - to step out of the sibling love zone. He has had a previous relationship with medic Alexis Parker, and again (as an optional romance plot in Viper Squadron) with either Jordan Wilson or Iris Reeves. Here in this established story above, he took a liking to Jim Raynor, and he generously let his sister develop a relationship with him, showing that he is open to other people and not a sociopath like the Lannisters from A Song of Ice and Fire and its TV adaption Game of Thrones, in which that case, the Lannisters sees other peole as "inferior". I think what separates him from someone like Jamie Lannister is that he is more open and friendly to other people.

To reiterate my challenges against stereotypical male norms, he is the most emotional character I have "developed" (copied) thus far, and what I want to show is that he can cry easily and suffers from heartbreak easily, when the "stereotypical" male is depicted as stout and not emotionally swayed and they show their manhood by not expressing them. Another stereotype is that men has to look like beefcakes with either no facial hair or well-groomed beards. Him, he is more nimble, and is very feminine-looking, and soon when I develop the unit model and (probably cooperatively) develop the cutscenes/cinematics, strike that depiction square in the head, and especially the unit model, which will be a balancing act to convey the androgynous-looking character so as to empathize some feminine parts of him and give him that "Sarah Kerrigan twin" feel as well. He wears his hair the exact way she did when she was a Terran, and even before he grew a ponytail, he styled his hair similarly, and kept the back part of his hair down for no reason other than to be constantly mistook for Sarah for my own plot.

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