The Infested outpost is created when a Zerg Drone enters and infests a Xel'naga outpost.

After infestation, the building is similar to an Infested Command Center with veins growing every where. Infested outposts are semi-living and can burrow like the Zerg to increase its defensive position (Stargate - Atlantis: Namesake). They attack by growing multiple Spore Colonies around themselves that bombard the skies with clumps of corrosive spores capable of melting through 12 inch of Neosteel in seconds. They also have multiple tendrils that can "swallow" small to medium sized units. These tendrils have hardened spikes that pierce through thick armor and inject toxic fluids which "liquefy" anything on contact.

There are limits to the range of an Infested Outpost's attacks. If a unit has a long enough range, such as a Battlecruiser or Siege Tank, it could easily waste the Outpost without being scratched. To compensate for this flaw, Infested outposts can spawn two types of mobile defense units, each specializing in anti-air or anti-ground roles. For ground based enemies, the building spawns hulking giants called Bruisers. As for airborne threats, the modified spore colonies expel out clouds of ravenous creatures designated as Shadow Wasps. Each of which make it nearly impossible to reach an Infested Outpost unscathed.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - building can sink underground becoming invisible, but incapable of attacking
  • Spawn Bruiser - hatches a unit specialized in attacking ground targets
  • Spawn Shadow Wasps - expels a cloud of tiny organisms that specialize in attacking air targets