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Hydralisks are the Zerg's medium assault warriors.

They are also their primary ranged attacker using powerful spines that can pierce through Neosteel with ease. At close quarters, Hydralisks attack with their scythe-like appendages capable of penetrating basic Marine armor in one strike.

Due to being one of the most seen strains with poisoned attacks, over twenty types of antivenom have been created in the interbellum following the Brood Wars.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows underground to hide from enemy forces, but cannot move nor attack anything. Can be seen by detectors and be affected by certain abilities and weapons
  • Lurker Morph (StarCraft I, Heart of the Swarm evolution, and Legacy of the Void) - unit can evolve into the Lurker strain


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