Hercules-class battlecruiser
Production information

Terran Dominion

  • Heavy cruiser
  • Command ship
Technical specifications

1200 meters

Engine unit(s)

Heavy ion efflux drives (4)

Power plant

Deuterium fusion reactor


NeoSteel-Titanium-Molybdenum alloy

  • 36 starfighters (3 squadrons)


  • Heavy carrier
  • Battleship
  • Command ship

Terran Dominion


The Hercules-class battlecruiser was a class of heavy cruisers of the Terran Dominion.

Along with the Minotaur-class battlecruiser, the Hercules-class was the second-generation battlecruiser used by Terran forces, superceding the older Behemoth-class battlecruiser. The primary focus of the Hercules-class was to maximize the survivability of the vessel and crew; a new tactical objective of the Terran forces during the protracted and terrible Brood War. Thus, the Hercules-class emphasized long-range engagements: it had an upgraded Mark IA Yamato cannon that was inferior to the Mengsk-class's Mark II Yamato cannon, but featured improved recharge times over the Behemoth-class's default Mark I model. The second major revision was the addition of long-range laser batteries — laser batteries with exceptional range and penetrative power that allowed the Hercules-class to be a heavy core vessel, destroying enemy fleets from long range with its powerful long-range turrets. However, ten standard-model laser batteries were also removed to make power levels more feasible for the warship during combat. The compliment of starfighter squadrons was also increased from two to three squadrons.

The renovations were made with efficiency in mind: while of superior firepower and range, the Hercules-class was comparable to the older Behemoth-class, but microelectronic technology allowed the improvements to save space and power, thus allowing the Hercules-class battlecruiser to be more manueverable and faster, allowing it to escape from Zerg forces more easily to promote the survival of the ship. Shielding was also slightly increased to this effect and the armor alloy was upgraded against the ever-present threat of Zerg Scourges.

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