Goliaths are Terran combat walkers.

They are used to support Marines or defending bases against heavily armored air units with twin Hellfire missile launchers. Even with their effectiveness against air units, Goliath are being slowly replaced by the more versatile Viking in most Koprulu militaries.

Some mercenary factions and colonial militia still employ customized versions salvaged due to the relatively cheaper cost to construct and maintain as more advanced mechanical walkers developed. These variants often equip more powerful weapons to keep up with both pirate and alien invasions.

Special abilities:

  • Weapons Refit: unit uses different weapon depending on what is equipped
    • Napalm throwers - gains 20 (+20 vs light) damage to ground
    • Homing missiles - gains 20 (+20 vs armored) damage to air. Missiles track down targets over three times regular range
  • Ballistic armor (upgrade) - gains +3 armor and reduces enemy explosive splash damage by -20%


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