Ghosts are Terran covert operatives known for their psionic abilities.

Their standard equipment package includes a HEV suit, personal cloaking device and C-10 rifle with laser painter for assisting Nuclear strikes. Most Ghosts vary in psionic potential, but all receive implants to prevent them from becoming uncontrollable.

Recently, new technologies reverse engineered from alien salvage have enhanced the Ghost's arsenal to take on a variety of situations. Some of which include EMP based weapons to counter alien shielding.

Special abilities:

  • Personal Cloaking - the ghost can cloak. It can still move, attack, and use other abilities while invisible
  • Nuclear Strike - targets an area to be hit with a nuclear missile

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Lockdown - disables mechanical and robotic units
  • EMP Shot - drains 100 of energy or shields in an area
  • Snipe - deals extra damage to psionic and biological targets at longer ranges
  • Psiblade - instantly destroys enemy unit while invisible (Team Fortress 2: Spy)


  • For more information see Ghost on the parent site.