Frostling copy

The Frostling evolves from the Zergling like the Baneling and some other unique strains from the special broods. Its sacs contain a cold Cyan harzadous fluid similar to liquid Nitrogen, which can freeze enemy forces in cold snap through its self-destruct attack. Frozen units are so fragile that even a Zergling can break them down in a single strike. (Red Alert 3: Cryo Legionnaire) Ground units with different sizes takes different amounts of Frostling explosions to be frozen. small units like Marines, Marauders, Zealots, Stalkers, Hydralisks and Zerglings can be frozen by a single explosion while medium-size units such as Hellions, Siege Tanks, Immortals amd Infestors can be frozen by two times of explosions. The massive arsenals, including Thors, Ultralisks and Colossi takes 3 explosions before being frozen. The medium and massive units that still survive from the explosion and not frozen can move much slower than normal from the cold. For Structures, 2 explosions for supply and defensive structures, 3 explosions for production and Vespene Gas-providing Structures and 5 explosions for Command Center/Hatchery/Nexus. The liquid Nitrogen-like fluid also cools down water vapour around the frostling, which makes its surface moist and slippery while rolling like ordinary Banelings, making Frostlings one of the fastest Zerg strain the Swarm ever developed.

Similar to the Radialisk, The Frostling was invented by the Queen of Blades during her settlement on Char.