Drones are the Zerg worker strain.

The primary purpose of this strain is to harvest materials and build bases. Unlike the other races that construct buildings, Drones morph into structures by manipulating their genetic structure.

Relatively a low level threat, they can become several times more deadly if exposed to certain mutagens. Some mutant strains can digest any form of matter into creep. This mutation also makes them more ravenous than a Defiler to the point of attacking larger strains and Terran mechs.

Special abilities:

  • Worker abilities - unit morphs into structures and harvests minerals and vespene gas
  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows underground and is invisible to enemy forces without detector support. Unit cannot move and attack while burrowed
  • Hyper-catalytic enzymes (upgrade) - unit gains +3 damage and gains a small amount of minerals and resources for each attack

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • For more information see Drone on the parent site.
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