The Dreg is a Zerg parasite strain used to support immobile structures.

Produced by Dreg nests, this strain is made to take the brunt of most low to medium caliber weapons. In large, layered masses, structures covered by Dregs can withstand heavy bombardment from Siege Tanks and Banshees. The Dreg can even evolve greater defensive or offensive capabilities.

For offensive evolutions, the strain evolves toxic projectile spines much like Hydralisks to launch at enemies. Against opponents with energy-based weapons, they can evolve a refractive coating for their carapaces that can deflect or disrupt psionic energy blades and beams (Star Wars: Orbalisk). Their main weakness is their dependence on Creep, making it difficult to use them in more mobile conflicts.

Special abilities:

  • Toxic spines (upgrade) - unit can attack with 5 damage or cause enemy melee attackers to receive damage for every attack
  • Refractive slime (upgrade) - unit reduces damage from missile attack by -5