The Dragoon is a type of Protoss quadrupedal assault walker. Following the Brood War they were widely succeeded by the Immortal and to a lesser extent, the Stalker. Dragoons are cybernetic assult units generally piloted by veteran Protoss warriors retrieved from the battlefield after a grievous injury.

Overview Edit

Selected Protoss were transplanted into the exoskeleton's core, a psionic fluid container with the pilot submerged within. Catastrophic damage results in the tank being breached and the contents spilling out. The pilot's mind interfaces directly with the machine through molecular essence translators in the liquid through the use of the Khala or Savra. The end result is that pilots control their exoskeletons as a natural extension of their bodies, allowing the quadrupedal walker to move efficiently over unstable terrain.

The Dragoon's main armament, the Phase Disruptor, fires antimatter bolts sheathed in psychically charged fields. A similar weapon is used by the Photon Cannon.

Using the advanced arc technology acquired from a Reliquary, the Dragoon may be upgraded to possess a 'Siege Mode' not unlike that of the Terran Siege Tank. In this mode, the upgraded 'Siege Dragoon' utilizes modified Phase Disruptor technology through its Nihilus Charge to combat enemy units, giving it a larger kill radius, but rendering it immobile and unable to attack closer targets.

Trivia Edit

Both the Dragoon and the Uhlan bear names that refer to cavalry.

A sacred shrine on Aiur was dedicated to the creation and maintenance of Dragoons. The pilots were honored in protoss society but their status sometimes marked them as outsiders. The loss of the shrine after the Great War made it difficult to create new Dragoons until the shrine's reconstruction on Shakuras. In the interim most of the surviving Dragoons were upgraded into Immortals or Siege Dragoons to preserve their numbers.


In the Game Series, the Dragoon was a ground support unit.

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