High Commander of the Jezepher, Leader of the Rhel'Kaeli Tribe, Prelate of the Sakile Tribe

Dark Templar High-Patriarch Darr is renowned throughout Shakuras for his psychic mastery, and is revered by his students as the 121,989 year old grandmaster of the Rhel'Kaeli Tribe. Although he also is responsible for the formation of the Savriel Tribe, he leaves his prelate, Xel Hassodin, in charge of it's direction and organization.

Overview Edit

Every aforementioned ability that his student Xel'Hassodin has at his disposal is exemplified three-fold by the Patriarch of the Rhel'Kaeli Tribe. Darr is responsible for the creation of the Khaydarin Crystals known as "Savraj", "Alliram" and "Talram" (Meaning "Enlightenment", "Heaven-Shard", and "Mending-Shard"). The Savraj Crystal contains the energies of the Khala and the Void alike, and embodies the fury of the Twilight Templar, a faction also organized by Darr. The Talram Crystal possesses the healing energies of the cosmos, and is weilded by those who wish to personally restore life to Aiur.

Not only does Darr tap into all known energies, but he is personally tought by the enigma known as "Sable". Darr uses his teachings to further his burgeoning mind. He possesses the ability to convert his body into pure psionic energy to travel "at the speed of thought" and unleash waves of psychic energy that tear asunder the very fabric of his enemies. In this form, Darr has been described as a burning maelstrom of "glowing twilight".

His hand is said to be able to produce and manipulate such things as wind, rain, and thunder. His very stare is said to "reduce his foes to glowing embers of unraveled flesh", and he is able to send shadowy tendrils of dark starlight that grasp or attack enemies within reach.

A most notable example of his psychic power is displayed in his mind-control over the cerebrate Zzantith, which gave him complete dominance over the self-named Scylla Brood, whose latent anotomical and evolutionary processes have been steered in a different direction than that of Kerrigan's swarm. Darr possesses the gift of prophecy, and his mental predictions are seldom if ever wrong.

Trivia Edit

Darr has two major ships that he uses to travel with the luxury of quiet meditation: The Bengalaas and The Jezepher.