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In response to the death of the Overmind on Aiur, a number of Cerebrates led by Zhartuus began merging together to form a new Overmind on Vera 9. In the interim this left the Swarm divided between the new Overmind and Infested Kerrigan. As the new overmind grew, Protoss forces attempted to destroy the growing Overmind, whose Zerg swiftly struck back against the outlying Protoss fringe worlds of Khalim and Gheldir and sent the Templar limping to Shakuras with heavy losses. The new Overmind, calling itself by the name "Mastermind", withdrew its forces and ascended into the unknown reaches of the galaxy.

Immediately the new overmind began to organize a deadly fighting force it termed as the "Dark Swarm". The savage new faction expanded and evolved, forming a strong mercenary collective that spread fear across the galaxy. The Dark Swarm has been intelligently tearing away at the infrastructure of Terran, Protoss, and even Zerg enemies, causing them to weaken eachother greatly before the Manticore and Basilisk Broods thunder down and finish off the weary armies.

The Dark Swarm has been crippled by the loss of the Charybdis Brood, it's appointed assimilation and hunter-gatherers, and is attempting to replace the lost Charybdis Brood with the Harpy Brood.

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Cerebrate Kaloth's cryptic referance to the "New Swarm", refers to the new Dark Swarm, and implies that the Dark Swarm has covertly seeded itself on many secret worlds.

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