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Crystal Guardians are variants of the ones used to defend artifacts from alien raiders.

Like the stone ones, they appear as crystal statues of Zealots attacking with long range eye beams. Crystal Guardians can also perform melee combat with refined warp blades instead of regular psionic blades. The Guardians can even decapitate an Ultralisk with a well aimed strike. Due to their massive size, they can climb up platforms or leap across small gaps as easily as Colossi.

Despite appearing fragile as glass, the robots have an extremely strong crystal lattice that can withstand small to moderate attacks. Only attacks as equal to siege tank cannons have a chance of cracking their forms. This makes them invulnerable to most breeds of zerg and ground infantry.

Should a Crystal Guardian be destroyed, a special reserve of psionic energy is used to reassemble itself at half strength and full shields. Though there is only enough power to do this once, enemy forces are usually slaughtered long before reinforcements arrive.

Special abilities:

  • Adamant lattice (passive) - attacks that deal less than 10 damage do no effect unit. If Crystal Guardian is destroyed, it can resurrect itself at half health and full shields. Unit can only reassemble once
  • Cliff walk (passive) - unit can walk up and down cliffs. Treated as both air and ground unit