The Corruptor is a squid-like zerg flying unit that attacks air units and aerial structures.

Its main attack is a type of acidic slime capable of weakening the molecular structure of most substances it comes in contact with. With certain mutagens, some strains infest captial ships to add to the zerg arsenal (Starcraft II concepts: Corruptor/Development). The loss of a Battlecruiser and Carrier can cripple their enemy's attack formation. Even robotic constructs like Crystal Guardians can become hollowed armor for a zerg organism. The infestation does not last as they cannot use creep as nurishment. As such, the mutated virus eventually causes the host to explode as a final action for the swarm.

Additionally the Corruptor's genetic structure allows it to morph into a Brood Lord to specialize in aerial bombardment roles.

Special abilities:

  • Brood Lord Morph - the corruptor can morph into a Brood Lord
  • Corruption - target unit is covered in slime and receives 20% extra damage
  • Viral Corruption (upgrade) - target unit becomes infested for 120 seconds. Once time is up unit detonates dealing 150 explosive splash damage (+100 for massive) in the area


  • For more information see Corruptor on the parent site.