The Class-III cyberarm is a commercial prosthetic used by many civilians in the Koprulu Sector.

Developed by Rel-X Inc., this cyberarm is made to be a cheaper alternative that military grade ones used by the Dominion. Mainly for commercial use instead of military purposes, the Class-III lacks armor plating and powered armor level strength enhancement. However, they have been known to be modified to conceal various small arms by black-market technicians. Some of the most popular modifications range from retractable blades, micro-lasers, small arms, and even explosive charges within the forearm.

Relatively easy to maintain, the use Class-III cyberarms has risen by civilians and paramilitary organizations such as COLD as ongoing alien threats persist in the Koprulu Sector. Recent mods have been created to boost user strength enough to take on small mechs and Zerg strains.

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