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The Blade of Aiur is an extremely warlike band of Protoss, survivors of the Zerg Massacre of Aiur, and determined to seek revenge on both the Zerg, and any that would stand in the way of the Protoss.

The Blade of Aiur is distinct for caring little about the caste system of the Protoss, declaring such segregation a barrier to their ultimate destiny as a species. The creed of the Blade drew fanatics from both sides of the Khalai and Nerazim factions, who were determined to strike back while the Protoss species still had a chance of recovering.

While their primary enemy is the Zerg Collective, the Blade of Aiur has frosty relations with the majority of the Terran government as well. They hold a special enmity toward the UED for its callous experiments both utilizing the Zerg Swarm, and on its own people.

History[edit | edit source]

The Blade of Aiur set out, gathering followers shortly after the sacrifice of Tassadar to destroy the Zerg Overmind. Naming their flagship 'Tassadar's Pride' in his honor, the Blade spent the time of the Brood War on Shakuras, hunting and destroying many a Cerebrate permanently with the power of the Dark Templar. It was over the corpse of one of Daggoth's most powerful lieutenants, that the leaders of both Templar Castes swore their allegiance in eradicating the Zerg, and merged together into a Dark Archon.

After the Brood War, the Blade of Aiur was the bane of the surviving renegade Cerebrates, hunting down and destroying many. There were few survivors, like the Cerebrate Hastar and its rogue brood that managed to escape their notice, however most fell. The Blade were only stopped in their hunt when they encountered the Abraxis system, a fairly unknown star system on the outer fringes of the galaxy, where they detected a swarm made of three combined broods that dwarfed any remnant of the Zerg they had seen before. Controlled by three surviving, powerful Cerebrates, the Blade knew that they had to strike fast, before the beasts had the time to martial their forces, or worse, fuse into a new Overmind.

Complicating matters was the arrival of other interlopers, the Terran armada, the very last survivors of Kerrigan's purge of the UED, who desperately sought some weapon to use against Kerrigan's swarm. The three forces, each a remnant of the long scars left by the First War, battle for control of the system.

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