Battlecruisers are a type of heavily armed Terran warships used in space warfare.

The Behemoth-class battlecruiser is a popular version if this type of space vessel armed with multiple laser batteries and a powerful Yamato Cannon. Many are used as capital ships by the three largest Terran Governments in the Koprulu Sector. They are capable of housing fighters, dropships and mechs for long distance transport through warp space.

On some backwater planets, area-centric ships were designed and quickly launched to deal with the various Protoss, Zerg, and environmental hazards. The colder planets developed a recon cruiser, stripped of weapons save a very large microwave generator, designed to melt a small area for use as a landing site and camp zone, as well as use as an oversized space heater, and a pair of half orb cannons, one top mounted, one bottom mounted, giving a 360 degree zone of protection, and leaving only a direct reverse attack and a head on attack open for ships, or very small fighters, that could, theoretically, in an emergency, be cooked by the microwave emitter. The other outfit that is mentioned in Starcraft fanfiction "Danger Close" ( is a sneak assault ship, designed for standalone assault duties, which would normally require a large fleet. It is equipped with 8 banks of point defense system, powered by a self cycling, self shielded nuclear reactor, working in conjunction with a small particle collider, generating thrust and power, as well as a standard Hot Zone equip, and a Cloak system, designed to back trace and fry detector signals, still in testing, rushed to combat testing stage, due to the large need at that time (Major flaw: Cannot fire without decloaking). However the most important deal on this ship, is its ability to detach its main deck, (Star Trek, repeatable ship sections) and that decks self warp capability, and mass cryo sleep pods. That in conjunction for the detonative nuclear weapon in the core, allows it to become the largest bomb yet. If this is done with a full payload, and done correctly, could, again theoretically, crack the mantle of a small planet, say the size of Earth.

During deep space missions, battlecruisers serve as secondary command bases when mobility is crucial. Though rare, Mercenary and pirate bands are known to salvage and refit older models for their own purposes.

Special abilities:

  • Yamato Cannon - fires a plasma blast dealing 300 damage to target

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Desolation Field (Cyan)-Launch a psionic superweapon that deals 350 damage to everything in the area of effect, Ignoring the armors and the plasma shields.
  • Mind Wipeout (White)-Turns all units in the AoE into neutral units (like critters) for 30 seconds.
  • Wormhole (Black)-Launch an ultimate weapon bending time and space. UNDER DEVELOPMENT.