The BOSUN FN92 is a specialty sniper rifle used primarily by Terran Ghosts. The BOSUN fires .50 caliber ammunition.

Overview Edit

While aiming the BOSUN FN92, a computer in the shooter's helmet measures wind, elevation and other factors and gives recommendations to the sniper via a HUD. The rifle itself has a skeletal stock, built-in range finder, a telescopic sight and a long barrel. This makes it an effective weapon, as the longer a bullet spends time in a barrel, the more likely it is to hit the target.

The enlarged trigger guard makes it possible for armored shooters to use it. The trigger itself has two stages; once the trigger is activated, and the initial slack taken out of the mechanism, only a light touch is needed to fire the rifle.

The FN92 has a limited ammunition capacity, approximately four. Its effective range is over 996 yards.

The FN92 has superior magnification capabilities over many other weapons and is accurate over a range of 1800 meters.