Alliram is a powerful Khaydarin Crystal. It is electric blue in color and possesses the crackling energies of the elements. It is a sister of sorts to the Savraj and Talram crystals.

History Edit

Creation and DifferentiationEdit

The Alliram crystal was created by Darr, one of three shards carved from a monolithic Khaydarin Crystal. Alliram was entrusted to the Kli'Flosis and Rhel'Kaeli Tribes temporarily before it was reclaimed by it's maker. Originally similar to its counterparts Savraj and Talram, their respective environments caused the three shards to distinguish themselves from each other.

The Alliram on ShakurasEdit

After the ensuing events of the Brood Wars and the reclaiming of the Khalis and Uraj crystals, Darr found himself carried away in a vision of the Khala to an underground Xel'Naga chamber beneath the research city of Vael'Rae. Once inside the ancient passage, he wandered through many winding paths, guided by something inside him. He at last came to a large antechamber with vines lining the walls, and in the center, a magnificent Khaydarin Crystal shone brightly in the dark corridors of the Xel'Naga structure. Darr approached the ancient artifact, and attained 3 separate shards of the monolithic crystal, which he named Alliram, Talram, and Savraj. Darr held the Alliram artifact-crystal in his hand and took on a psionic form. In his meditation chamber, he closed his eyes and began to create a gently rolling storm over his quarters. he slowly moved the storm to the twilight desert to the south of Vael'Rae and increased it's size and power. Darr's prediction was that the crystal would begin to take on the atmospheric energies emanated from it's surrounding environment.

The Crystal took on a sparkling electric blue color with flashes of purple, orange, red, and white. It's core glowed with the energies of the elements. Upon it's energies' perfection, Darr entrusted it to the Kli'Flosis Tribe for it's aid in planetary research and basic power sources. Later, he lent it to the High Councilmen of the Rhel'Kaeli Tribe for their use of it in planetary defense. The Alliram crystal is currently in Darr's possession.


The Alliram crystal's name is a compound word roughly translating to 'storm-shard.'